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Bizarre Phobias That Can Haunt People

People throughout the world can suffer from phobias of different types with some of them even being called bizarre phobias. Bizarre Phobias may seem quite normal to the average individual but for the individual suffering from the phobia, it can be a different matter altogether.

People can develop the fear of certain things either from their childhood or during the later stages of their lives. When the phobias become excessive psychologists diagnose the condition as an anxiety disorder for which treatments are available. What are the bizarre phobias that are affecting people?

Ephebiphobia – the fear of youth

This is an abnormal and irrational condition where a persistent fear of teenagers on adolescence is noticed. This condition has the potential to cause damage throughout the society and economics have suggested that the fear of youth can greatly affect the economic health of nations.

Colorphobia – the fear of clowns

An abnormal or an exaggerated fear of clowns is identified as Colorphobia. This condition is common among children but is also found in teenagers and adults as well.

The condition develops when the individual has a bad experience with clowns because of a sinister portrayal exhibited in the media. The appearance of clowns in weird outfits makes these people believe they are treacherous characters. Adults who suffer from Colorphobia understand their fear is totally irrational but are unable to get over the same.

Gymnophobia – the fear of being without clothes

Gymnophobia is the fear or anxiety about being seen without clothes while noticing others au naturel even in conditions where it is socially acceptable. People with this condition may experience their fear of nudity before everyone or just a few people with the feeling they could be behaving irrationally. These individuals usually have an inferior complex about their bodies and the fear could have arisen from anxiety about sensuality.

Panphobia – the fear of everything

Panphobia is also identified as Omniphobia and his a medical condition where the individual is in a constant state of fear with no particular target in mind. Panphobia is often considered as a secondary condition of schizophrenia and an easy remedy for this condition is difficult to find. Descriptions available for this condition confirm it as a vague and a persistent fear of something evil.

Taphophobia – the fear of being buried alive

The fear of being buried alive arises from the fear of being placed in a grave because of being pronounced dead incorrectly. This is an abnormal psychopathological condition and is therefore referred to as taphephobia.

History has recorded several instances when people were buried alive accidentally during the times when modern science had not made an advent into the world and the fear has not been called irrational.

Neophobia – the fear of everything new

Many people can develop a fear of everything new in terms of things or experiences and his condition is identified as the Neophobia. Psychology defines this condition as a persistent and an abnormal fear of anything that is not known to the individual. In many conditions, it can begin with the unwillingness to try new things or break away from routine. The condition can also manifest into a higher level which is known as technophobia which is a fear of new technology.

Ergasiophobia – the fear of work

This can be a debilitating disorder among some people causing them significant disability and dysfunction of the psychological kind. Individuals suffering from this condition could also be victims of underlying mental health problems including depression or ADHD.

The phobias spoken about throughout this discussion can affect any individual and can cause problems that may not have been anticipated. Identifying some of the problems in the early stages is difficult and any treatment provided will only be available after the condition has developed fully.

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