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Here’s How You Should Deal with Depression as a Family

Depression may be hard to identify. But once you have learned that your family member or loved one is down with this severe condition, you should know what to do urgently. Learning the signs and symptoms will be essential to deal with depression.

Understanding Depression

DepressionDepression has many faces. You may not know if the jolly person you are speaking with yesterday is depressed, as some may tend to keep it to themselves and instead not tell anybody about it. This usually causes a severe medical condition that affects one’s way of living on a negative note. This medical illness is curable, but this may lead to severe mental illness if not cured right away.

Depression causes sudden changes in one person’s emotions, loss of interest in their usual activities, and mental disorder if not treated accordingly. This leads to severe physical and emotional challenges, so it is essential and critical that it is identified/diagnosed as soon as possible.

Signs and Symptoms of Depression

A few signs to watch out for to know if you or a family member has depression. If you notice any one or more symptoms, approach a professional.

  1. Sudden changes in mood, and explicitly showing extreme sadness
  2. Loss of appetite which will cause drastic weight reduction
  3. Insomnia (cannot sleep or having a hard time sleeping)
  4. Too much sleeping
  5. Abrupt loss of interest and energy to usual activities
  6. Extreme weakness
  7. Always feeling liable to negative concerns or having thoughts of guilt
  8. Having a hard time making a decision
  9. Always out of focus
  10. Suicidal thoughts

How Could you Help a Family Member with Depression: Your Role as a Hero

Do activities together with your loved one who has depression:

Start the support within yourself. Many ways of interacting with a person who has depression are available, and it is not complicated at all. Doing regular exercise is an essential activity that you could do together. This helps change their focus from selfless thoughts to enjoyable ones.

Make eating healthy a habit for your family:
woman lying in bed
Eating healthy foods will help someone’s condition, both mentally and physically. Avoiding alcoholic drinks will also decrease the severity of this mental illness as liquors are depressants. It only adds up to the fire. Having enough hours of sleep will also help a lot. It does not only give the energy their body will need. But it also improves blood flow to circulate properly and will stimulate their mental ability to work accordingly.

family group walking on shoreline sunsetMaintain open communication:

Only learning all information about depression has a big part when coping with this mental illness. Diagnosis with depression needs extra care, especially from his family. It all starts at home, and you, as a family, could start the change by supporting them all the way. If you find a family member showing the symptoms of depression, make the person realize that you are there with them.

But how will you do it? Start with communication. Simply asking how the person is doing will be a good start. This makes them feel that there is someone who would listen and may decrease the possibility of going into serious negative thoughts.

Bring them to a medical professional:

There may be times that the level of depression becomes too severe, and for you to find out accurately, visiting a doctor or medical professional will be the answer. Medical doctors dealing with this mental illness have enough knowledge that will let you know the best solution. This may include treatments and therapies that will eventually improve and reduce the possibility of a severe consequence in one’s mental health. Psychiatrists are known experts in this field. With their use of the right questions and medical procedures, they could quickly identify if someone is going through mental illness. They can also help you with the proper treatment for the same.

Monitor their ongoing medication/treatment:

Most of the time, doctors prescribe antidepressants to patients with depression. This starts the process of medication. As it has all the ingredients that will cause changes in someone’s brain chemistry when experiencing depression. Its effects may be visible for the first few weeks of medication, but it is also essential to advise the doctor if no changes could be seen. Sometimes, changing or altering the doses is the answer to making it work, but if still ineffective, advanced treatments may be necessary, depending on the result.

Do not think that you could not help your loved one fight this serious mental illness. You can eliminate the possibility of depression with the right amount of care and support from their family. Start educating yourself and find a way to beat depression in your family.

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