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Forget the Seven-Year Itch – Here Are the Most Common Marital Issues You May Experience After Your Tenth Anniversary

When it comes to family life, the most common disruption within families is marriage issues. Marital problems can cause upset for not only the spouses involved but also the children in the household. Having a happy and healthy marriage is the first step towards having a healthier and happier family altogether. Experts suggest that couples who are together for over a decade face a few issues. Take a look at these issues to see if you and your partner are following the same path!

The Spark Dies Out

Long time married couples will know that it does take some effort to keep the flames of passion burning in a relationship. This effort needs to come from both people involved in the romantic relationship, as the marriage will lead to them both feeling more like roommates than lovers if they let it slide.

Each spouse has to be intentional about keeping the spark alive and reinforcing a romantic connection. This is about arranging dates together, making thoughtful gestures to each other, or even going to couples counseling to remedy any issues you may feel are important to address. Nobody wants their marriage to enter roommate territory!


Nobody should expect every day of marriage to be magical and dreamlike. You can’t expect only fairy-tale moments and butterflies, but neither can you resign to a life of blandness and bleakness. If boredom creeps its way into your marriage, which is common after a decade together, take it as a sign that you and your spouse are taking each other and your relationship for granted and that you have to start taking some much-needed risks. Don’t fall into a routine to the extent that there’s no excitement anymore. Have difficult discussions and ask each other challenging questions. Change up your routine or do something different. Shaking things up is bound to bring more interest and excitement to the union.

Low Tolerance

It’s normal for partners to be rather understanding and tolerant of the many things that may irritate them about their significant other in the first few years of marriage. However, this forgiveness and patience seem to run out after a decade together. Most couples find that things they once ignore or found endearing now begin to frustrate them and cause simmering anger in them.

These things often lead to outbursts. With a maturing marriage comes the fading patience and understanding, but this doesn’t mean it is not reversible Try to remind yourself that you are both on the same team and you aren’t fighting each other. Hopefully, when you change your attitude about your partner’s shortcomings, they will change their attitude about yours, and you can both enjoy more peace and happiness together.

Growing Too Serious

We all know that with passing the time, stressors rise. As the things you need to look after, worry about, and tend to increase, so does your stress. So many people fall into the trap of living life too seriously. Being married means being around your significant other for quite a considerable amount of time. If you are serious all the time without any room for downtime and being goofy and just messing around, it might get difficult. Try to keep hold of your childlike sense of wonder and that goofy humor. It helps you go past the toughest of times and offers us a break from the daily stress of life. Living together for more than ten years means you are comfortable around each other. This means you can be as goofy as you like! Take advantage of this – don’t be too serious too much of the time!

Not Celebrating Milestones Any More

In the beginning years of a relationship, it is almost as though couples look for any reason to celebrate. With time, this quality dies down, and then eventually, people stop the big and small milestones.

Don’t let anniversaries, birthdays, and memorable dates slip by without acknowledging them and making a thoughtful gesture or walking down memory lane. Celebrate your love, and after ten years together, you have plenty of memories and shared experiences that can make your celebration very meaningful. Show how much you appreciate each other.

A lasting marriage does require investment in many forms. However, ten years could be the beginning of another journey together in marriage. People are happy even after 50, 60, or 70 years in marriage. Don’t let the issues in your relationship drag you down. You have to fix them and find happiness with your spouse once again!

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