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Find Out What Parenting Style You Have & How Your Kids Feel About It!

Parenting style plays a great role in determining how a child feels about themselves. This is why it is important to make sure your parenting style is one that encourages growth and development. A healthy and supportive environment can make a world of difference since your interactions, as well as the manner of discipline, is what shapes the child into the person they become. According to studies, four types of approaches have been identified, namely: authoritarian, authoritative, permissive, and uninvolved. All of these have their own characteristics which determine the effect of them on children.

Authoritarian Parenting

This approach can be explained as one where obedience is greatly emphasized. If you are an authoritarian parent, that means you do not take into consideration the thoughts and feelings of your children. Such a parenting style revolves around making sure that they are not questioned for their rules. Authoritarian parents are more adamant on making sure that their children are sorry for their mistakes which means they make use of punishments instead of discipline.

These children grow up obedient in nature, following rules to the point. However, they face a higher risk of self-esteem problems. This is due to the fact that they are taught to dismiss their own opinion. Such children may also end up being more hostile and aggressive than the rest and turn out to be good liars.

Authoritative Parenting

It is easy to confuse this style with the aforementioned one, but authoritative parenting revolves around the importance of positive relationships with children. These parents make sure to enforce rules but explain the reason behind them as well as take into account the child’s feelings. This helps to make sure that the child feels validated in terms of their emotions but also reminds them that their parents are in charge. The parenting style involves a lot of time and effort as the adults are focused upon preventing behavior problems. They try to establish this by using positive discipline strategies involving praise and reward systems.

Children of such households are usually more happy and successful in the future. They are cautious yet confident, taking part in decision-making and evaluating safety risks.

Permissive Parenting

If you are a fan of “kids will be kids” then you are among the group of parents who use the permissive style. This means that rules are set but not implemented or enforced, allowing the children with the freedom to do what they wish to do. Such parents are usually lenient in giving out consequences as they are forgiving in nature. Permissive parenting allows children to be more vocal about their problems but it does not discourage them from making poor choices that can have long term effects and consequences in their lives.

Children who grow up under the guidance of such parents usually face behavioral problems since they are not used to authority and rules. They like to have their own way which also causes problems for them academically. Such kids suffer from low self-esteem and health problems including obesity and dental cavities.

Uninvolved Parenting

As the name suggests, this approach makes little use of nurturing, guidance, and attention. Uninvolved parents are usually not interested in the activities of their children. This means they are unaware of their company as well as of their needs. Even though they set a few rules, these parents don’t put in an effort to spend time with their children or bother to follow-up if their kids are abiding the rules. This may not be done intentionally as the parent themselves may suffer from mental health issues or substance abuse problems. Such hurdles may enforce the child to raise themselves as their parents are unable to care about the basic needs.

Uninvolved parenting leads to self-esteem issues amongst children. They suffer from behavior problems which may also cause them to perform poorly in school. Such children also tend to face mental health issues.

It is difficult to categorize parents into one type as they may follow more than one approach depending on the situation presented to them. According to experts though, the most effective approach is authoritative parenting which you can incorporate into your present parenting style. This would help you to become a great parent and also allow your children to have a better lifestyle. So which style do you use at home?

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