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5 Ideal Parenting Tricks For Teenagers

It is a fact that being a parent is a job where you don’t get fired, you don’t get promoted, a job where you simply cannot quit. No matter how old your children gets, they will still be your children. Once you’re a parent, it’s like you’re working 24/7, there is no such thing as day-offs. That is why it is considered to be one of the most difficult roles a person has to be. Parenting a child is hard, what more a teenager, who is starting to explore the world of adulthood. A lot of teenagers struggle with their lives because they don’t have a good relationship with their parents, especially if the parents simply won’t adapt to this modern world we currently live in. So here are a couple of ideal ways when it comes to dealing with your teenager.

[su_quote cite=”Quentin Crisp” class=”cust-pagination”]”The young always have the same problem – how to rebel and conform at the same time. They have now solved this by defying their parents and copying one another”[/su_quote]


One of the most common problems about parents nowadays is that they’re not that open-minded. Having an open mind is definitely needed especially in this generation, children are way too different now compared to how children are 10 years ago. So old-fashion upbringing isn’t going to work at all times, that doesn’t mean you have to change everything, it just means that there are things that need to be upgraded.

Teenagers nowadays are hungry for their freedom, they are more stubborn and independent, they simply want to be an adult so badly. So having an open mind will help you have a better understanding when it comes to dealing with them. If they ask permission about something, don’t say no straight away, think about all the possibilities first, because when they know that you’ll just say no, they wouldn’t bother asking permission.


One of the most common mistakes parents do is they treat their teens as if they’re still little children that they could control. This is something almost every single teenager hates. As a parent, you should not that your teen has a different lifestyle now, compared to when they were younger. Most of all, the teenage brain tend to be in its most confusing stage because it is developing into an adult brain. This is the stage where you teen needs you the most because they are still not that fully-developed when it comes to decision-making, managing impulsivity, and reasoning. There will be a lot of mistakes that they’re going to make, so be prepared to assure them that it is totally fine, you should let them know that mistakes are normal, but they need to learn from them and that you’ll be with them every step of the way.


Another mistake parents often make is something that has to do with the rules. Some parents are too strict and there are some who seems like they don’t care. Make sure that your teen knows that privacy and freedom is a privilege. Most teens are too crazy about their privacy, they hate it when you come and barge in their rooms, especially if they’re not in there.

Let them know that they are responsible for their rooms, however, they’re still living under your roof so they got to follow certain rules. Also, let them know that there will always be consequences if they don’t follow them. Remember to trust you teen, but let them know how trust is very important and if it’s broken, everything can change.


Teenagers would often explore every single thing because they are curious and clueless about what exactly the world is like, so they would also explore some hobbies that they would like to try, and you as their parent, must support them in everything they would like to do. Guide them through it especially if you have gone through the same thing, but remember not to be a dictator, just be a support system.


This has got to be the most important thing a parent and a teenager must he good at. In every relationship, the most important thing is communication. All the things above are only possible if you manage to have an effective communication with you teen. Remember that you must start at an early age since teenagers are a little too difficult to deal with. Make sure that you and your teen are on the same page about everything, from the rules in the house to the things that they’re responsible for outside of the house. It can really be difficult, but there is no perfect way of doing it, so you just have to stay strong and believe in your teen.

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