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Three Celebrities Who Vouch for Snail Slime Treatment

Looking beautiful is what we all want, and reversing the age clock or pausing it is something we all dream about. However, not everyone has the blessings of looking beautiful even as they age. And most of us do cannot do much about the wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

However, that does not mean that there’s absolutely nothing that can be done about aging. Ever wondered how celebrities manage to look years or at times even decades younger than their actual age?

Well, the reason is simple. While some of them choose to go under the knife, a few other opt for some of the craziest anti-aging treatments available to look flawless and beautiful. One such beauty therapy that a lot of celebrities vouch for and is gaining popularity among the commoners too, is the Snail Slime treatment. That sure doesn’t sound nice to the ears, but it does work wonders on your skin.

What is Snail Slime Treatment?

Snail Slime treatment is where a few bred snails are left to slither and crawl on a person’s face and leave the slime around. The slime is said to remove dead cells and reduce the signs of aging like wrinkles, tan, and dark spots.  The collagen and elastin in the slime protect the skin from the free radicals. It also reduces stretch marks and acne, restores hydration, and even flats warts. No wonder that the treatment is so immensely popular.

Celebrities who vouch for Snail Slime Treatment

Katie Holmes

According to the news reports from 2013, actress Katie Holmes has been an advocate of Snail Slime as it helps her improve her complexion. The actress also uses snail gel regularly to keep her skin looking shiny and radiant at all times. However, Katie Holmes mostly counts on Korean and African skin care products that have snail slime in it over the regular snail slime treatment where a snail is made to crawl over a person’s face.

The actress went vocal about her snail slime use and says that it has helped fight acne, reduce scars, and beating wrinkles. One look at the actress over the years, we can say for sure that the snail treatment is working wonders. It looks like the aging clock stopped in 2013 as she looks way younger than her actual age.

Emily Ratajkowski

Popular model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is another celebrity who is vocal about using snail slime products. The model apparently slathers her skin with snail mucin which contains 96% snail secretion. She explained on her social media post as to how snail secretions are a natural source of hyaluronic acid. Apparently it is rich in antimicrobial properties, which are essential in maintaining skin health. Besides repairing dry and patchy skin, the slime is also said to leave a natural glow on the skin and reduce pigmentation.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Marie Alba, the actress who rose to fame with her debut as a teenager is now close to her 40s. However, the actress continues to glow flawlessly and sources suggest that besides a rigorously healthy lifestyle, the actress also invests in beauty treatments.

The snail slime treatment helps the actress get rid of signs of aging, stress, and tiredness. The flawless glow her skin radiates probably is a result of this therapy that the actress counts on.

While this might seem like a relatively new approach to staying young and beautiful, research suggests otherwise. Research evidence suggests that the therapy has been in practice for several centuries now. In fact, as early as the fifth century B.C., with even Hippocrates talking about the benefits of the treatment.

However, at that point, snails’ use was more barbaric as they crush the shells of the snails and use it as a beauty application. But now, the creams and treatments are more humane and keep in mind the well-being of the snails too. The treatments ensure that no harm is met to the snail while ensuring the people who use it get pretty at the end of the treatment. Isn’t that a perfect win-win? So, what are you waiting for? Call your cosmetologist and check if that can give you a snail slime treatment or check your local beauty supplies store for a snail slime cream that will help you look flawless and young.

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