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A Secret Celebrity Therapy For Thick, Gorgeous Locks

hairWe all fear getting old. And it’s not just feeling weak and being limited on the things we can do, but most importantly, we all feel conscious of the way we would look. A toothless smile, wrinkly skin, bald hair – these are just a few of our worst nightmares about old age. But did you ever wonder why stars like John Travolta, Mel Gibson, or even Sir Elton John have a head full of hair even at their old age? Well they do, thanks to technology!

It’s amazing how technology could come up with something as creative as laser treatment for hair loss. In the eyes of an ordinary person, it’s quite hard to imagine how red light can make your hair grow. After all, those areas were already bald! But it is, indeed, possible, thanks to laser technology.

The great thing about lasers is that they are painless and effortless and no doubt the best treatment for the lazy bones. Well, not just the lazy bones, but it is also the best treatment for celebrities who have money to burn.

Benefits of Laser Treatment

Laser lightWhat exactly are the benefits of going into laser treatment? First and foremost, it can be the ultimate answer to your hair loss because it halts the gradual hair loss process. Laser also penetrates the scalp, goes deep into the follicles, and stimulates them so they become active. The laser energy can also increase circulating blood supply in the scalp. Now, what’s the good in that? Our blood supply is responsible for carrying nutrients to the hair follicles and removing wastes, a good circulation would literally translate to a faster cell division and growth. With all these benefits, you’d be expecting the growth of healthy hair – vibrant, thick, and very much alive.

3 Types of Laser Delivery

Just a background on laser therapy — there are actually three basic methods of laser delivery. There are brushes and combs that can have 1-15 lasers, and being relatively small in size, they also have fewer laser units and a much smaller coverage. They are handheld and can vary from being cordless to wire. Another type of delivery system is quite popular and these are the laser devices being set up in clinics and therapy salons where you pay for a package or per session use. The good thing about them, although they are bulkier, is that they carry a good number of lasers – around 100 lasers per device.  However, the cost is the dark cloud to its affectivity. They are quite expensive, which is why only celebrities and rich people can afford them.

And finally, the third category is a home laser treatment. What makes them different, you ask? These are units designed for laser therapy treatment at home. So it’s getting that head full of hair minus the hassle of transportation to the clinics, minus the overhead expenses, minus the professional fees. This laser delivery usually comes with a dome laser or a panel laser, with a basic adjustable stand to hold it above your head. At least fifty lasers are present in each unit that can penetrate the scalp and this can be easily absorbed by the hair follicles. It’s a very powerful product (and very expensive too) which is being used by many celebrities. The good thing about the home laser technology is it sort of mashes up the brush method and the clinic laser method. It’s the best of both worlds.

BonoThe hair is the crowning glory, and this isn’t just true for women, they can apply to men too. It’s attractive to look at a man with a head full of hair. And truth is, every man out there wants to look as good as Robert de Niro or even Matthew McConaughey when they grow old. And if we can have a hair as great looking as Bono’s, why not right? So if your hairline is starting to recede, and you’re worried about losing your hair sometime soon, take a look into laser technology and see if that can be a good option for you. No shame in wanting great hair, but be prepared that just like celebrities, you need money to burn to afford this too.

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