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All You Have to Know About Hydration Therapy and Celebs Who Gave It a Shot!

Looking pretty and flawless is something we all wish for and, at times, are willing to take some extreme measures to meet this goal. Extreme beauty treatments have been in practice for several centuries now. Some of the methods that the ancient people practiced might look barbaric or weird now. However, it did make sense to the people of that century.

While the importance we assign to look pretty, beautiful, or flawless remains the same across ages and geographies, the definition of beauty is constantly changing. And changing in line with it is the approach to attain that perfect look! One such new treatment on the block is the Hydration therapy.

What is Hydration therapy?

Hydration therapy is the process of injecting electrolyte-packed IV fluids into the person’s bloodstream. The fluid would include a mixture of vitamins, electrolytes, antioxidants, and in a few instances, even a medicated drug. In the simplest terms, it is injecting fluids into your body to keep up your hydration. And it hydrates your body faster than drinking fluids will and thus benefit your body.

Hydration therapy has its origin in the fact that our body often dehydrates and needs fluids to function effectively. However, it might take hours before the signs of dehydration shows up and you start chugging those glasses of water. And even after you drink water, it will take a few hours before your body is hydrated again. While it might seem like a new approach to inject fluids into the body to hydrate your body, this isn’t a new approach.

Hydrating the body through IV has been long prevalent. However, this was available only to ER patients. But the hydration therapy is now available for people on a selective hydration schedule basis. You could do this when you feel your body needs quick hydration. However, the doctors will have to run a couple of tests on you to make sure you qualify for the treatment.

Common Hydration Therapy Reasons

Right from fixing a hangover to treating that stubborn migraine, hydration therapy is gaining popularity across the globe. Besides, these athletes embrace this approach to recover from dehydration after a long day’s practice, travel, stress, etc. Besides this, you might also have to undergo hydration therapy if you are dehydrated after a long day in the sun. It is beneficial because it takes you lesser time to recover, easy on your digestive system, and restores the lost nutrients in your body.

Celebs Who Have Tried Hydration Therapy

The growing popularity and success of hydration therapy mean that a lot of celebrities are willing to give it a shot too. Here are a few celebrities who’ve tried it and continue to do so.

Khloé Kardashian

The pretty Kardashian sister Khloé Kardashian is among the first few advocates of this beauty regime. She has spoken on numerous platforms on how it helps her stay hydrated, fresh, and healthy.

Simon Cowell

Given all the travel that Simon Cowell does, being the busiest musician, it’s obvious that he counts on hydration therapy. He depends on the therapy not just for hydration but also for his regular dose of vitamin C to boost his immune system.


Rihanna has been taking hydration therapy for several years now. She had tweeted a picture of her with an IV injected into her arm as early as 2012. Rihanna also spoke about getting her dose of vitamins directly into her veins. Most singers and celebrities switch to hydration therapy to soothe their vocal cords and recover faster from a jet lag.

These are not the only celebrities who love hydration therapy and have made it a part of their life. A few other propagators of this treatment include Jane Fonda, Kate Moss, John Legend, Sofia Vergara, Chrissy Teigen, Madonna, Joe Manganiello, and Katy Perry, to name a few. So, are you planning on undergoing this treatment too? Well, you might want to check with your doctor before you go forward, as a few recent studies suggest that there might be some undesirable side effects to it. Besides that, your doctor will also be able to help you pick the right nutrients that you should inject in your body, if you need hydration therapy, and avoid any allergens.

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