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Celebrities Who Struggled (or are struggling) With Mental Health Issues

mental health issues problems depressionIn today’s news, it has become rather common to read about celebrities taking their own lives, leaving the rest of the world reeling with shock and sadness because as many put it, “they’re rich and famous! What could they have been miserable about?”

These days, people can be so judgmental, and those in the spotlight are usually the main subjects of these nasty comments. The lack of privacy, stress, and cyberbullying, to name a few, are reasons that can cause a celebrity to develop depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or even addiction that could lead to suicide and/or instantaneous death.

Luckily, the public is now slowly accepting the stigma to these mental and psychological disorders through different kinds of awareness programs. Moreover, celebrities who experience this kind of situation are now stepping up to raise awareness and support not only their co-celebrity but also regular citizens.

Below is the list of celebrities who are upfront of their struggles in battling different kinds of psychological disorders.

Robbin Williams

Behind his fame and popularity, the late Robbin Williams has been battling with depression and Lewy Bodies Dementia, a rare type of depressive disorder, for so many years until he committed suicide. Robbin was in a mental institution in 2016.

Mariah Carey

Mimi, as we dearly know her, had a series of emotional meltdown that made her mother called the police and admitted her to a mental facility to treat her severe emotional breakdown. She shared that stress is the leading cause of it but added no further details.

Sinead O’Connor

She rose to fame after her debut album, The Lion and The Cobra. It rose to the hit charts that made her gain overnight worldwide success.  But despite her fame and instant success, she had bipolar disorder.  She even committed suicide on her 33rd birthday that alarmed her immediate family members. In 2016, she checked herself in a rehabilitation center to end her addiction.

Robbie Williams

A worldwide tour can be very stressful and overwhelming. This is what happened to Robbie Williams. The iconic singer admitted that he was battling a disease that would either kill him or lead him to commit suicide. He came into contact with death many times and compared his life to that of a rollercoaster ride. In 2006, he was sent to a mental facility to find help.

Yoko Ono

After the failure of her first marriage, Yoko Ono went crazy due to drug abuse. She has been depressed after her first two marriages did not end well, making her suffer from severe depression. Her parents were so worried that they sent her to a mental asylum.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Catherine Zeta-JonesOne’s wealth, fame and beauty will not make you immune from suffering a psychological disorder. Catherine Zeta-Jones was very upfront about her manic depression and that she was diagnosed as Bipolar II. In order to heal herself, she was admitted to a rehabilitation center in the US.

Demi Lovato

This Disney baby was also diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder, and bulimia. She was silently suffering for quite a long time and made an effort to recover from it. She was suicidal and has been taking medication that made it worse. Seeking help, she was admitted to a mental facility. For now, she is sober and has been a speaker about mental health challenges to young people.

Carrie Fisher

The chemical imbalance that she was diagnosed with made Carrie Fisher not to believe that she is suffering from a psychological disorder. She always thought that she was just a drug addict and could easily stop it if she wanted. But it turns out that she was actually in a manic depressive state that made her decide to seek professional help from a mental facility.

Steven Tyler

Steven TylerAfter he has been confronted by his bandmates about his drug abuse, Steven Tyler was in a psychiatric hospital that deals with depression, anxiety, and addiction.

He stayed there until he was sober but returned again in 2009 due to pain killer addiction. Luckily, he has strong family support and a good team of medical professionals that kept him on track.

Suffering from mental health issues is no joke, and no one is exempted from it, not even celebrities. Although some of the celebrities on this list were lucky to find the help they needed. While it’s tragic that some succumb to their mental illness, it is nice to see others come out and share their stories.


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