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Catherine Zeta-Jones Opens Up About Bipolar II

Mental health issues do not discriminate. They can happen to anybody — any gender, any race, any nationality, and any age. They can happen to the most modest or the most famous, the wildest or the most conservative. Speaking of the famous, the charming and stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones is only one of the several Hollywood stars who have spoken up about their mental health battles. It was in 2011 when she publicly announced that she was struggling with bipolar II.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a condition that meets the criteria of mood swings that severely disrupt daily living, and it is understood to involve a number of highs as well as lows. People who live their lives without having their bipolar disorder treated tend to shift between a number of mood states that may include mania, depression, or mixed moods. The shifting to any of these mood states is termed an ‘episode’ and these so-called episodes may last anywhere from one week up to several weeks. The science behind bipolar disorder is not yet understood, like what causes it, but it is known that it can surface at any time in a person’s life, it could be genetic and it is a result of an imbalance in brain chemistry, as well as that it may be triggered by trauma or stress.

Catherine’s Experience With the Condition

Catherine Zeta-Jones actually sought treatment for her disorder in the midst of her celebrity husband’s struggle with stage four cancer. Michael Douglas is still fighting his cancer as we speak. Of course, the stress and the worry over her husband’s health is a perfect trigger for her own bipolar issues. It was after receiving treatment that Catherine decided to open up to the media about it, saying to them that it a sense of relief washed over her when a name was given to what she was experiencing and the treatment that came with it. She was very relieved that she had professional help and that these people knew what was going on with her. Today, Catherine is managing her condition much better since she is more knowledgeable about her condition after having received the appropriate treatment and spoke to the right professionals about it.

Speaking Out

Catherine Zeta-Jones chatted to other journalists and placed emphasis on the fact that bipolar is a treatable condition. She encourages that sufferers of the mental disorder shouldn’t be ashamed of their disease and she reassures them that there is professional help available. Catherine Zeta-Jones is not one to air her dirty laundry, meaning she doesn’t particularly enjoy publicizing her personal issues, but she went through the trouble of making her mental disorder public specifically to help give others hope. She also hopes to eliminate the stigma attached to it.

Getting Help for Bipolar Disorder

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that professional help is only accessible if you have a hefty bank balance because there are many avenues of assistance for bipolar sufferers. The first place to start at if you do suspect that you may have bipolar disorder is an appointment with your general practitioner. Establishing whether or not you actually suffer with the condition is the first step, and if your GP thinks you might then he will start you off with a referral to a specialist. This is where the journey begins and you can begin to receive treatment in the form of medication as well as therapy for ou condition. Psychiatrists’ fees and mental health cover is often included in medical insurances and it is best that you read up on your specific plan to better understand the cover that you can enjoy.

While Catherine Zeta-Jones is certainly not the first or the last celebrity that we know of who has opened up about battling bipolar disorder, she is an inspiration in her own right. If you’re looking for more encouragement in the form of famous names who are suffering from the disease, look to Demi Lovato, Richard Dreyfuss, Carrie Fisher, Mel Gibson, Russell Brand, Stephen Fry, Patricia Cornwell, Jessica Marais, Linda Hamilton, Lou Reed, Marilyn Munroe, Frank Sinatra, and Sinead O’Connor. That’s enough of names to keep you busy reading up all afternoon!

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