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The Biggest Hollywood Celebrities & Their Incredible Net Worth – Can You Guess Who Has The Biggest Bank Account?

Paul Anka – $80 Million

The famous musician belted out chartbusters like “Diana”, “Having My Baby”, and “Lonely Boy”. Success came early to him as many were in awe of his wonderful, charming voice. He didn’t have to look back from that point onward. He also had a brief stint in Hollywood and received a lot of awards for his performances.

His $80-million net worth has enabled him to buy one beautiful house after another without worrying about getting a bankruptcy! He had houses all over California – from Mulholland Estates and Westlake Village to Beverly Hills. However, they keep buying and selling properties and it is truly hard to keep track of their portfolio these days! What with all the wealth and success that he has, which makes it possible for them to own every property that they set their eyes on. Probably that’s one of the perks of being super successful and immensely talented.

Sir Tom Jones – £163 Million

Sir Thomas John Woodward OBE, is a Welsh singer who is popular by his stage name Tom Jones. The 80-year-old was married to Melinda Trenchard and has two children Jonathan Berkery and Mark Woodward. The Welsh singer has amassed huge popularity among the music buffs. Besides accumulating a staggering net worth of £163 million in his 60-year-long career.

The owner of a robust baritone has crossed several genres such as R&B, country, pop, dance, show tunes, gospel, and soul. Jones has the distinction of selling over 100 million records and the list includes “What’s New Pussycat”, “She’s a Lady”, and “Green, Green Grass of Home”. Jones was happily married to Linda until she passed away in 2016, and the couple never needed family lawyers till death did them apart. We hope he doesn’t let the challenges in life and age slow him down and hope with all our hearts that he continues to entertain us.

Barbra Streisand: Singer – $390 Million

Barbara Joan Streisand is a popular American songwriter, singer, and actress. She as wowed people all over the world across six long decades and has amassed a staggering fortune of $390 million. She got married to Elliot Gould, but the marital relationship eventually culminated in a divorce. Post that, Barbara got hitched to James Brolin, and the alliance has turned out to be more fruitful.

The iconic singer owns a stunning mansion in the Californian city of Los Angeles and has quite a good collection of cars in her fleet. Barbara is extremely fond of her Malibu house as it’s no less than an architectural marvel, and you would agree after you see the images she often shares with the world. Like the artworks in the interiors capture the real essence of her tastes! She has always maintained an impressive credit score and never felt the necessity to refinance her career.

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