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How Social Media Is Ruining Relationships

Did you know that one in seven divorces in the US and UK happens because one of the spouses got involved in some kind of relationship online? Well, that’s what a recent survey says! It might start pretty timidly when a former lover sends a friend request. Truth is, we all have been there and done that. Checking on our former partners, what they look like now, where they are, what they are up to, what does their present partner look like, are they married – the questions are endless and we want to know it all. And what better way to do that than from social media accounts! The consequences of getting addicted to social media are far more than that, though. Here are some of them:

Marriage to Your Phone

Technology has brought the world closer, no doubt about it. Chatting across the globe, placing video calls via the Internet without incurring any extra costs at all – all these and more have been made possible because of technological innovations. But imagine how many times we have texted our spouses or called them even though we were under the same roof? Addiction to social media has taken away all our time for each other. It is a common sight nowadays to see a group of friends or even a family sitting at a restaurant, each busy with their own phone. Ideally, sitting together to eat is an age old concept where everyone talks with each other and bond over a meal. Even at bed time, couples are more interested in knowing what is happening in their friend’s life instead of talking to each other about their own lives.

Secrets Chats and Other Online Matters

Since we all have our personal phones that are highly secured and password-protected, keeping secrets even from your own spouse or partner is not a difficult job anymore! Former lovers, loners wanting to talk, even a high school crush can quickly become your confidante. Soon, without realizing it, you would want to spend more time with them than your family which is very harmful for any relationship. Online chats can lead to an even full-fledged extra-marital affair.

The Need To Show Off The Perfect Life

More often than not, social media tends to portray a perfect picture of someone’s life. We see our friends posting pictures of their vacations, their children looking cute in perfect attires, their husbands or wives looking at them affectionately. To us, these people are having the time of their lives, living in absolute perfection. Yet, we do not know the truth behind it. What they are posting on social media may not be the actual scenario. It is important to be really happy in your own place and have healthy relationships. What you are posting in Facebook is neither important nor real.

Communication Via Social Media

Social media is great for keeping in touch with friends and knowing what’s going on in their lives. But we need to understand that we can’t do the same for our spouses or partners. It is totally wrong to post a romantic picture of you and your spouse, while you are not communicating at all while living under the same roof. If you really love your spouse, tell that to him or her, looking at their eyes, instead of posting a picture on Facebook for the world to see! When you start doing that, you are actually looking for external validation to convince yourself that you have a great relationship.

Information Overdrive and Misunderstandings

Too many details of your married life or relationship can backfire. When we post on social media, people can not know, hear or see us, they have to rely on what is written. Often, humor is interpreted as ridicule. You might post something about your partner in a light tone, but the world might not get it. They will come up with negative comments about your partner or post sarcastic remarks. This is how misunderstandings happen!

Hence, it is wise to go on a social media detox whenever you can. Relationships take a long time to grow stronger, but one wrong move, and it breaks as it can be that fragile. So, stop envying your friends on social media platforms. Not everything they post is true, and oftentimes, posts are staged to look perfect. Instead of posting perfect pictures, try and make your own real world peaceful and happy!

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