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Ways To Attain Peace and Happiness Within

Peace and happiness, these two words are so simple, yet in this world we live in today, it is so hard to attain. Probably because, it is something that cannot be bought with money, and money is what people care about these days, it is the most important thing in the world now.

No one knows where peace and happiness can be found, simply because they keep on looking for them so hard in different places, little did they know it can actually only be found within them, but once they find out where it is, their next problem would be how to get it, and that is the most difficult part. It might take them a year, a decade, no one exactly knows, but if you truly want to attain it, then you can try doing the following.


A lot of people are struggling to find peace and happiness within themselves because they simply cannot accept who they are. They are so busy trying to be someone they’re not, trying to impress other people by not showing who they really are. In order for you to be truly happy, the very first thing you must do is to accept yourself. No one is perfect, so why try so hard to be one? No one is perfect, so why do you have to pretend that you have no flaws? Embrace your flaws because that is part of who you are, without them, you’re not you anymore.

Everyone has them, all they need to do is accept it. Once you have accepted your flaws, it is now time to learn to love yourself. For some people, it may be too difficult, but you have to work on it. Value yourself more, if someone makes you feel like your not good enough, simply think that maybe they are the ones that are not good enough because they can’t see how wonderful you are. Love yourself because you know yourself the most and you are the only one who could truly love you for who you are. With that, you will find peace within.


Another thing that people tend to forget when looking for peace and happiness is the fact that they simply can’t stay positive. When a person is positive about things, they tend to see the good in every single thing in this world, and when you can do that, you will realize how beautiful the world is despite all the things that are happening. Most people get stressed about the simplest stuff, even if all they have to do is to think of how can things be worse and that there is always a reason why certain things are happening. Staying positive may be a little too hard for some people, but you wouldn’t be able to find true happiness if you see things in such a negative way. That is because negativity never leads to happiness.


If you have an open mind, you will see things in different perspectives, you will see things other people don’t normally see. For instance, you are arguing with a friend, instead of proving your point that could lose your friendship, try to think about it in your friend’s perspective, that way you could understand. If possible, convince her to do the same. Having and open mind means you’re mature enough to understand things in different ways, and that is something that not a lot of people have, that is why they simply couldn’t find peace.

[su_quote cite=”Melodie Beattie” class=”cust-pagination”] “Gratitude unlocks fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, and a stranger into a friend.”[/su_quote]


Last but definitely not the least, is that you can find true happiness and peace if you become content and be grateful for everything that is in your life at the moment. Out of all the things written above, this is considered to be the most difficult thing a person has to do. Unfortunately, this is one of the major problems of the people of this generation.

People nowadays want more, they would always want more, and if they continue wanting more, the is no chance for them to be happy, unless they realize that being content is actually one of the keys to happiness, not all those material things that they wish to have. Think about it, what does a new smartphone mean to you? In two to three years, that phone would mean nothing, because there is a new one that will come out, and you wouldn’t want your phone anymore, you would want the new one. How can you find true happiness, if you are not content with what you have? It is very simple, and yet, unfortunately, not a lot of people are grateful enough.

Come to think of it, being grateful and being content is not rocket science. Once you have come to your senses that you simply won’t be truly happy with all those material things, then you’re going through the right path to peach and happiness.

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