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The Top Misconceptions About Acne

The problem of acne affects everyone at some point in their lives. Many people outgrow the problem during their teens but a number of people experience acne persistently into their adulthood. It is one of the reasons why millions of people are looking for answers to deal with acne.

The condition of acne comes in various forms and each of them needs treatments that are different. People have some misconceptions about acne and they are usually trying some common treatments along with miracle cures that are bordering on the bizarre. People are willing to try anything to deal with this problem regardless of whether the cures are authentic or not. The list provided below will give you an idea about misconceptions that are held by people.

Acne Is Caused By Chocolates

Chocolate lovers can begin to feel happy because this misconception has been debunked. No evidence is available to prove that chocolates are causing acne. On the contrary dark chocolates and cocoa powder have a number of antioxidants that are helpful in combating the free radicals which damage the skin.

In fact, it is the super levels in the chocolates that contribute to the development of acne. Therefore it can be confirmed that the problem does not develop because of chocolates but it is the sugar which is the cause of acne.

Face Masks Are Great For the Skin

This is another misconception which is sweeping the minds of people. A number of publications can be witnessed over the Internet promoting facemasks as a miracle remedy against acne. The facts are entirely different because regular use of facemasks can damage the skin. People who are suffering from the problem of acne should never be using a face mask for more than one time a week.

Tanning Is A Good Remedy Against Acne

There is a belief in the minds of many people that the sunshine can create significant amounts of vitamin D in the body which they feel is beneficial. People, however, do not realize that enhanced exposure to sunlight can cause severe skin damage. They are also exposing themselves to the risks of premature aging and cancer. The sunlight can also dry the skin and create problems that would not be beneficial. Therefore it would be better for people to have a discussion with their doctor and stay away from the sun.

Acne Is Caused By Sunscreen

There is a figment of truth in this misconception because some of the older sunscreens which contain oil and fragrances and irritate the skin and clog pores have the potential to cause acne. However, the fresh brands that are available are in friendly and do not contain oils and fragrances and these are the type of brands people should be trying to find.

Exfoliation Is Helpful For Acne

Exfoliation may be helpful when you are dealing with acne on your back, neck, and chest because the skin around these areas is thicker. The skin on the face is sensitive and exfoliating regularly can irritate the skin and cause dryness which will aggravate the problem of acne. People are advised to stay with gentle face washes and not to scrub their face after washing.

Acne Is Caused By Moisturizers

This is a misconception which is similar to that of sunscreens. Not every moisturizer causes acne and people who are prone to this problem should be using creams that are water-based rather than oil-based. Moisturizers of this type contain natural oils and do not clog the pores.

Washing Your Face Regularly Is A Good Remedy

When you are dealing with the problem of acne it’s not just about washing your face but it’s about how you do it. The facial skin is sensitive and rubbing it harshly will only irritate and dry the skin. Rather than act as a remedy it will lead to further outbreaks and worsen the condition. The issue can be easily prevented by washing the face with lukewarm water and dabbing the face gently with a washcloth thereafter.

[su_quote cite=”Olivia Wilde” class=”cust-pagination”]If I have to draw attention away from some hormone-induced acne on my chin, I put on a lot of mascara. [/su_quote]

This list should give you a proper idea about the misconceptions that are held by many people about a problem which is affecting millions and it would be beneficial if people decided to overcome these misconceptions.

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