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Signs and Symptoms of a Nervous Breakdown to Watch Out For

There are just a lot of different reasons why people get a nervous breakdown. Some people just couldn’t handle their loads of work because of the pressure, some people simply cannot handle their relationships with people they care about especially if it is falling, and then there are some who seem to have almost every problem in the world, and they just feel so overwhelmed. It is very important for you to know the signs and symptoms of having a nervous breakdown, so here are some of them.


• You feel more tired than usual

• You can’t control your emotions such as anger and sadness

• You feel extremely overwhelmed about everything

• You’re worried about literally everything


Tensed muscles

Having this kind of problem with your body is definitely too far from being normal. Having tensed muscle is one of the major signs of having a nervous breakdown, so you must keep an eye out of this symptom since it can totally affect your daily routine.

Irregular heartbeat

If you are having an irregular heartbeat that is combined with the other symptom, it is best to have someone with you. Once you feel your heart pounding from your chest as if it actually wants to come out, then that is when you know you’re having an irregular heartbeat, and in some cases, it can be pretty dangerous.

Feeling lightheaded

Aside from having an irregular heartbeat and tensed muscles, you may also feel dizzy and lightheaded if you’re having a nervous breakdown. That is because the blood flow in your body is no longer normal in your situation.

Irregular bowel movement

Since you may be having a nervous breakdown, your bowel movement may also suffer. You may feel nauseated and may suffer from diarrhea because your stomach can definitely feel the tension and it wants to cleanse itself and get rid of anything that might be causing the tension.


Panic attacks

This has got to be the most common mental symptom of a nervous breakdown, simply because it is obvious that you can no longer control your brain as well as your emotions and it is just taking over you, leading to you having a panic attack.

Having trouble sleeping

Since you’re not mentally fine because of the nervous breakdown, it would also affect your sleeping pattern. If someone is having a nervous breakdown, he or she will most likely feel as if they’re not tired at all and the mind is just so busy to make you fall asleep, resulting in you getting even more tired.

Inability to concentrate

A nervous breakdown would also affect the mind’s ability to concentrate. You will most likely have a hard time focusing on things like for instance someone may be talking to you and you can’t seem to listen or to give a reply since you are having a hard time concentrating on what they just told you.

Thinking negatively

Finally, nervous breakdowns may be caused by the feeling of being overwhelmed by the situation, this could then lead to the mind thinking of every negative thing possible, such as not being able to get things done on time, or worrying about other specific things that made them overwhelmed.

It is very important to keep an eye out of these symptoms especially if you have been feeling extremely stressed and overwhelmed lately. A nervous breakdown technically means that you have had enough and that you have reached your limit. Keep in mind that this can happen to anybody and you have nothing to worry about since you are not going insane, you are just at your limit. Don’t be afraid to seek help, it is for your own good. So, if you have most of these symptoms above then be sure to do something about it.

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