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The Real Cause and the Latest Treatment for Cellulite

Healthy adult women often display dimpled skin on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. This dimpled skin on their body is mostly because of the accumulation of cellulite beneath the skin. This is a common problem among adult females even though in most cases is considered to be quite normal. Marketing companies and Hollywood have however made an attempt to influence popular culture to believe cellulite is undesirable.

Cellulite is not necessarily an illness of any kind neither is it a sign of obesity. Women normally have higher levels of subcutaneous fat under the skin than men and therefore it would be reasonable to expect women to become prone to this issue.

The Causes For The Development Of Cellulite

Hormonal Changes Within the Body Are Considered As the Main Reason For the Accumulation Of Cellulite.

Fresh noninvasive imaging and digital 3-D technology are helping to show how cellulite develops. It is caused by fat deposits which position themselves between collagen fibers. The skin in the areas where cellulite has formed seems like it has packaged fat lobules superficially and in a different way than the area of skin which is not affected. No clarifications are available until this date to explain the difference. There is a myth that slender women who are in excellent physical condition will not be affected by this problem but unfortunately, the reverse is true. Cellulite can affect all women regardless of whether they are in an excellent physical shape or obese.

Risk Factors That Cannot Be Controlled

Being a woman is a major risk factor for this condition which has the potential to run in families. It mostly affects adult females who are overweight after puberty. They are normally affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy or menopause which are the most common reasons for this condition to hapen.

There is a belief among women that tanning either by sunlight or even artificial sources can disguise the appearance of cellulite. However, this is just a myth and an expensive waste of time. These methods may even worsen the problem because ultraviolet light is a major cause of skin cancer.

Risk Factors That Can Be Controlled

The prevention of cellulite may be impossible, but following a healthy lifestyle, getting plenty of rest, having your diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains along with an exercise regimen which is consistent will prove to be helpful in preventing the appearance of cellulite.

The Treatments For Cellulite

It is often believed that losing weight can improve the appearance of cellulite. However, the problem can easily be worsened in some individuals who try to lose weight in order to look better.

The market for skincare and other cosmetics is huge and a number of manufacturers are marketing treatments for cellulite which they claim can deliver effective results. However, there is no evidence to prove that any of the creams which are being marketed can produce any long-term results. The application of a cream on the surface of the skin will not affect the dermal fat cells under the skin to produce the kind of results desired by people and camouflage cellulite. Some of the treatments which are being offered have been studied scientifically and proven as ineffective to deal with the problem of cellulite.

As mentioned earlier with the market for such products being huge it was just a matter of time before manufacturers of herbal made their presence felt and introduced topical applications which they said were effective against cellulite. Unfortunately, no scientific evidence is available to substantiate their claims because the creams are incapable of penetrating the skin and moreover some of them contain chemicals which can produce allergic reactions in people.

What Can Women With Advanced Conditions Of Cellulite Do?

With Most Treatments Being Ineffective Using Natural Methods Is the Best Option To Prevent The Development Of Cellulite.

The medical fraternity has also developed a set of treatments for the condition of cellulite and a couple of them have also been approved by the FDA as temporarily effective against cellulite. The cellulite has a nasty habit of returning when the treatments are discontinued after a certain period. The treatments are more like a massage which can prove pleasurable to the individual and most importantly the devices used during the treatment are not harmful. The treatments are however expensive and women who have the money to spare for the temporary pleasure it gives them can definitely opt for the massage.

Laser devices have also been developed and are being used for the destruction of fat cells but the effect these devices could have against cellulite is unknown though it is believed they may provide temporary benefits. Surgical procedures have also been developed to free the imprisoned fat cells but again, the treatment is expensive and no studies are available to prove it is effective.

Women who develop cellulite find it hard to believe in any of the treatments which are being offered either by producers of various products or the medical fraternity because there is no effective treatment which has been developed to deal with this problem. Even having a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise may not help women get rid of the cellulite. However, they can definitely improve muscle tone. Leading a healthy lifestyle will prove beneficial and will also reduce the desire for cellulite therapy

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