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The One-Sided Workout – A Magical Cure For Stroke Patients

People Suffering from Strokes Often Find Lack of Strength In Their Legs.

People suffering from strokes often face difficulties during their recovery mainly because their legs do not have the required strength for exercise. The damage usually affects the individual laterally leaving one side of the body in worse condition than the other. Usually, the medications provided to stroke patients do not have a major impact on this matter, they need a magical cure to improve the strength in their legs.

Well, a magical cure has indeed been discovered by the University of British Columbia, Canada, from where information is now emanating that stroke patients can achieve benefits from this ‘magical’ cure by depending on strength training, solely on the stronger side of their body.

The University has published a report on this development in the Experimental Brain Research which is a journal published by them. The results published would have immense potential for the rehabilitation of stroke patients because of the positive effects that strength training provides. The studied patients showed benefits on both sides of their body.

The professor of kinesiology and neuroscience who is the senior author of the report E Paul Zher mentions that he had never imagined the kind of results which were being noticed and that the results had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Why Is This Magical Cure so Beneficial For The Other Side of the Body

The medical fraternity has known for a long time that high-intensity resistance training on one side of the body, even for a short term, can cause some degree of strength gain on the other part of the body as well. This phenomenon was named as the cross-education because the strength gain on the part of the body which is not being exerted is around 50% of the gain on the side which is being subjected to the training.

The results were provided after a study was conducted on 19 patients who had suffered a debilitating stroke nearly 7 years before the study was conducted. The study was focusing on the legs and ankles with the objective of enabling walking recovery. The participants were asked rigorously to exercise the ankle dorsiflexors on the part of the body that was less affected and the training was held in 25 minutes sessions for three times a week.

The researchers were surprised to find that the patient’s had developed equivalent strength gains in both of their legs and patients who were earlier unable to flex their legs before the beginning of the training, had shown a vast improvement. The researchers believe that the next step to progress with the cross-education would be for strengthening the arms and wrists which are also severely affected by strokes. In the initial stages, they had concentrated on the ankle dorsiflexors mostly because usually, stroke patients suffer from problems related to walking, but presently believe the potential to expand the research exists with the results that have been observed.

Is The Magical Cure A Real Benefit For Stroke Patients?

Stroke Patients should Continue their Medications Despite this Magical Cure

Until this moment stroke patients were required to skip exercise when moving around because of their unstable bodies. They also had to depend on the medications provided by their physicians while hoping for a recovery at some point. The magical cure which has been introduced by the researchers can provide fresh hope to stroke patients who would otherwise be continuing with life with the belief that they had to live a handicapped life.

People who suffer from a stroke can now begin to believe they will no longer have to depend on medications which are provided. Depending on the method of cross education is definitely an option which can be chosen by patients that are suffering from handicaps because of strokes. It is being called a ‘magical cure’ simply because results have proven that it has the capability to increase strength on the weaker side of the body and may even leave behind effects of the lasting kind. However, it is not a replacement for the medications that will be prescribed by the doctors treating the patients.

People who suffer from a stroke can now begin to believe they will no longer have to depend only on medications

People who are affected by strokes and are trying to improve strength on one part of the body are advised to contact their physicians and obtain advice about how they can employ the techniques of cross education to benefit from the properties of improved strength gain.

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