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How Pets Can Relieve Stress

Not a lot of people like animals, that is why not everyone has a pet. Some people try to have pets but they somehow fail once they realize they’re not really fit to own one. Most people think that pets are like having children, the only difference is that pets don’t need guidance or are not as expensive to raise since they don’t go to school. What most people don’t understand is that these animals need you as much as you need them, just because you’re human, doesn’t mean that you are better than them.

It is a fact that you may have more power in terms of speaking or doing other things, but deep inside, animals are just like us. They could feel, especially if their human is sad, happy, excited, in pain, and more. That is why according to a 2001 study, pet owners seem to be less prone from diseases such as heart attack, hypertension, sever stress, and other emotional and mental downfalls. How do pets exactly make their humans feel good? Here are a couple of ways you should totally take note of.

Being around your pets decreases blood pressure

One of the reasons why people get such high blood pressure is because of too much stress, and the heart rate accelerates which makes it even worse. Being around your pets could definitely help you get back to normal because they have the effect to calm you down and bring joy to your heart and soul. It is a form of distraction from all the negative things that have been making you so stressed out.

Pets decrease stressful situations

It is totally inevitable not to get stressed out once in a while, but these moments could get better right away by hanging out and spending time with you beloved pets. According to a study conducted by the psychologists from Miami University, pets have the ability to reduce stress hormones called cortisol, without having to do anything. Their presence is just very calming and peaceful and that aura passes to their owners.

Dog owners get more exercise

Exercise is very important, and some people can’t simply find time to do that. However, if you happen to own a dog or two, you would be obliged to walk them and this could be an opportunity for you to have a bit of fresh air and some exercise as well. A ten-minute walk every single day either in the morning or the evening is good for you and your dog, especially if you’re been stressing out lately.

Pets have a way of making their people happy

According to Dr. Teri Wright, a psychologist from Sta. Ana California, pets have a way of making their owners feel secure and important. Being an owner means that you are responsible for your pets, and they bring such positivity to your life.

Humans benefit from their pets more than they know, the least humans can do is to make their pets feel all the love and affection they deserve. They don’t demand you to buy them stuff or make you take them to places around the world. Time, attention, and love is all they need. They may not say it but they will surely make you feel that they are grateful, unfortunately, pets are known to have a shorter lifespan compared to humans, which makes it even more important for humans to value every single moment they have with their pets.

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