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Incredible Ways To Overcome Perfectionism

There are people in this world who always seem to strive for perfection. A perfectionist is basically a person who has extremely high standards, a person who believes that there is no room for mistakes, that everything must be flawless. So anything that is less than perfect is absolutely unacceptable.

Are you a perfectionist? Here are a couple of signs of perfectionism you should know.


• A perfectionist plans things the way they believe it should be, there is no such thing as plan A or plan B. It is technically all or nothing

• A perfectionist doesn’t care how things are done as long as they achieve the goal perfectly. Otherwise, it frustrates them.

• A perfectionist is a person who is extremely hard on his or herself. When something goes wrong, no matter how small it may be, they would be disappointed and will beat themselves up about it.

• A perfectionist often becomes depressed when things don’t go the way they want things to go.

• A perfectionist wouldn’t think that success is enough, perfection is extremely difficult to attain because there is no such thing, so people who are like this, often take a long time.

• A perfectionist is always unsatisfied since there is no such thing as perfect, he or she finds it incredibly difficult to be satisfied and happy, it also affects their relationships with other people.

Now that you have read a couple of signs of being a perfectionist, analyze each sentence if you see a similarity in the way you are, because if you are a perfectionist, then you might need to continue reading.


Mistakes Are Normal

One of the very first things you must reflect on is to accept the fact that mistakes are meant to be made. That is just how humans are programmed and made, perfection is just not part of the secret recipe, if you are perfect then you are not human. It is a fact that we are the ones driving through the journey of our respective lives, but life itself is not perfect, so how can you be?

Every person has their own strengths and weaknesses, that is why every person has their own skills and talents. If everyone is perfect then everyone’s is their own lawyers, doctors, teachers. Everyone makes mistakes, including you, your friends and your family. Mistakes are made so you could learn from them, so you could do better. Just because a person makes mistakes does not mean he or she is a failure and they are simply worthless, they are literally just human.

Accept and Believe in Yourself

When perfectionist people make mistakes, they tend to get a little disheartened and they become completely disappointed with themselves, which is perfectly understandable but you have got to get a grip. Keep in mind that aiming for perfection wouldn’t really make things better for the long run, it will only frustrate you from time to time. But once you have accepted the fact that you’re not perfect and believed in yourself that you could do better, it will be easier for you to be determined, not to strive for perfection, but to strive for greatness in whatever it is you’re doing.

Recognize the Beauty of Imperfection

Finally, you have got to open your eyes and see how beautiful this world is, it is too far from being perfect but it is beautiful. Life can be beautiful even if it will never be perfect. An imperfect person has endless chances, an imperfect person has no limit when it comes to becoming better. There will always be room for improvement. So you have got to tell yourself that it is okay to be imperfect because you are a normal person. Change your perspective and look at every positive thing, then you will realize that life can truly be beautiful, that each person has a purpose in life so that everyone can live in harmony.

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