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Helpful Ways To Avoid Anxiety Attacks

Every single person in this world can actually feel anxious every once in a while, and that is perfectly normal. Life comes with problems and challenges, and sometimes it can feel a little overwhelming for some people, that is why they can feel a bit stressed out and nervous at the same.

However, having an anxiety disorder is a different matter, because it can actually make a person feel distressed that would then get in the way of their everyday lives. This is actually a serious mental disorder, but it can always be dealt with as long is it is still mild, otherwise it would need immediate medical attention.


Panic Disorder – this is the kind of anxiety disorder where a person actually feels terror that strikes all of a sudden without any type of warning, it literally comes out of nowhere, and it is pretty obvious when someone is having a panic attack since they would be sweating, would palpitate, and would feel some chest pains.

Social Anxiety Disorder – this is also most commonly known as social phobia, where a person feels self-conscious at all times especially when he or she is public. They tend to have a fear of being judged and criticized.


The very first thing a person with anxiety must always remember is that their breathing must be normalized. If you’re feeling anxious, chances are your heart would be beating so much faster than the usual, and the air you breathe wouldn’t be enough, that is why deep breaths have to be done.

Simply shut your eyes and make sure you are sitting down, and focus on normalizing your breathing. Try to breathe in through your nose for about 5 seconds, then hold your breath for 3 seconds, and finally breathing slowly through your mouth. Repeat these about 10-15 times until you can actually feel normal.


If that didn’t work, try getting some earphones and listen to some music, it would be best to listen to some calming type of music like classical or jazz, this would totally take you tot the calm zone. If you know that you are suffering from anxiety, it’s advisable to have some earphones with you at all times, with music on your mobile phone or iPod, so you could simply take a few moments to calm yourself down wherever and whenever you need. It has been proven that listening to music with your body still and your eyes closed, could actually prevent the anxiety from becoming worse.


Once you have managed to calm yourself down, analyze the things that actually triggers your anxiety. This is a way for you to actually prevent it from happening, so it is best to recognize when you’re actually having some anxious thoughts, because if you are aware, then you’ll manage to prevent it.

One of the most common things a person does when they’re having anxiety attacks is that they feel uneasy, their hearts are racing, they simply cannot sit down, they’re pacing back and forth, some people tend to get so sweaty as well. These people would also start to think of uncertain outcomes, potential disasters, basically anything negative. Make a routine for yourself and what you think you can do to prevent yourself from becoming worse. If it doesn’t work, try another routine.


One of the worse things people with anxiety do is they simply cannot stop thinking of possible negative things that might happen, that is why they need to learn how to live in the present time.

It may be a little difficult but it does work for most people. If you try to embrace every single moment that is happening, then you’ll manage to stay grounded, instead of worrying about the things in the past or what might actually happen in the future. It is like creating your own stress, and it is not healthy.


If everything fails, then it is probably time to see a doctor if you haven’t already. If you don’t want to take some medication then it is a therapist you need to see.

Remember that there is always a brighter side at the end of the tunnel. Share this article with your friends and family who may need some help with their anxiety as well.

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