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Health Insurance Sign up Efforts Must Be Led By Others After The Cut in Federal Funds

Open Enrollment For The Affordable Care Begins on November 1, 2017, Without Budgets For Its Promotion.

Starting November 1, 2017, the affordable care act marketplace will be open again for Americans that are looking to shop for health plans. Open enrollment for the plans begins on November 1 and continues until December 15. The affordable care act which was earlier known as Obama Care, presently does not have the kind of budgets that were earlier provided because the current administration has slashed the marketing budget.

What’s even worse is the fact that people are not aware of the cuts. Therefore, the onus of strengthening the efforts to convince people to sign up for health insurance has fallen upon states, municipalities, community groups, insurance companies and others.

Efforts are ongoing in Texas where some cities and local governments are doing everything they can to spread the word but believe that it may be hard to reach rural communities.

California has a different approach and plans aggressively to advertise health insurance focusing on Latino consumers. The belief exists that it will be more difficult to market the plans for 2018 according to Christopher Grave, the president and the founder of the Ogilvy Center for behavioral science.

Why Are The Authorities Facing Difficulties To Market Health Insurance?

Words are being spoken that the human brain may not be prepared to invest money in something which may not be needed for years. That is why, health insurance is considered to be one of the most difficult things to sell to anyone. People that are young and have never been through a catastrophe with their health are not easily convinced.

In California, Latinos comprise 38% of the market for health insurance plans but the actual number of people that are enrolling is just 30%. This is despite the fact that the state’s marketing agencies are currently strategizing to make them a primary target of their efforts. These efforts are aiming to have a larger number of Latinos enroll for health insurance because their premiums will prove helpful in balancing the costs of other Californians that may be older and sick.

The task has been made even more difficult by the Trump administration which has reduced the advertising budget because people are not willing even to think about health insurance. The Republican slogans about Obama Care imploding have also received vast media coverage during various debates to replace the law and have caused confusion in the minds of people who are wondering whether the affordable care act even exists until this date.

California has set aside $111 million to manage negative press coverage which is presently in the headlines and has earmarked 30% of the budget simply to purchase Spanish-language ads. The efforts being made in California are receiving a setback because Latinos are the type of people who are overly optimistic and are more likely to remain uninsured than other groups of people.

Selling Health Insurance Plans Needs A Different Approach In Texas

Texas Is Presently Depending on Activists And the Local Government For Enrollment People.

Texas has a different problem in hand when trying to sell health insurance plans. Texas was earlier dependent on the federal government for enrolling people but the task is presently the responsibility of local governments and activists.

The staff from the administration in Texas are currently calling up people that already have an insurance plan they purchased from the affordable care act to give them information about the approaching enrollment date. People are being provided with the information that they only have six weeks for the enrollment unlike earlier in 2016 when they were given three months.  People in Texas are however interested to renew their policies but are simply not aware of the shortened time.

Texas is also the home of a large number of people who are uninsured and no help is being provided to the local activists that are making efforts to have people enrolled in health insurance plans. Unlike earlier when the HHS would be around to announce the start of The enrollment period and providing some media coverage, no such efforts have been seen presently. It is the local taxpayers that are contributing to filling in the gap which has been left open by the HHS.

If California has earmarked $111 million for marketing healthcare insurance Texas is using advertisements on the radio in English and Spanish and also using the outreach created by social media by having advertisements on Google. They also plan to visit the community by having discussions in schools.

Texas Is Hiring More People To Convince Uninsured Individuals To Enroll For Healthcare Insurance Because of Lack of Funds From the Federal Government.

Texas is hiring more people this year to convince the ones without health insurance to be prepared for their enrollment season which begins on November 1, 2017. They are mainly aiming at the rural areas which do not have the appropriate infrastructure for health care.

The cut in federal funds has brought upon people the responsibility of pushing health insurance themselves and with just three days remaining for the beginning of the enrollment season, it can be seen that efforts are not lacking from average Americans that are doing everything possible to ensure their fellow citizens have adequate healthcare support.

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