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The Health Benefits Pranayama Breathing Technique Guarantees

Pranayama is more than a breathing technique that helps in stress and anxiety relief. But experts describe it as a science of inhalation and exhalation that brings the involuntary action under human control. The word pranayama is derived from the words – Prana and Ayama.  According to Yoga practitioners, “prana” is the vital life force which is omnipresent. Its also considered as a cosmic energy that connects all the elements of the universe together. While “ayama” is a technique of stimulating,  guiding, and giving rhythm to this cosmic force within our body. Though the benefits of pranayama are limitless, here we have compiled a list of 8, most important benefits you can seek  by regularly practicing the pranayama breathing technique.

Increases life span:

It has been seen that the lifespan of humans or animals is proportional to the rate of their breathing. Tortoise which  lives more than 200 years breathes at the rate of 3 to 4 per minute. While whale breathes 6-7 times per minute has an average lifespan of 100 years. In comparison, to animals like rabbits which have faster respiratory rate, tend to have shorter lifespan. Practicing pranayama helps in breathing regularly at a systematic pace, thus increasing the average lifespan.

Increased absorption of Oxygen

Normally, we don’t use the entire lungs when we breathe. Instead of inhaling deep breaths, we are accustomed to taking quick shallow breaths to meet our body’s need of oxygen. However, with regular practice of pranayama, a larger part of your lungs are used, which allows more oxygen to enter your bloodstream, thereby improving the overall health. Regular practitioners of yoga and prayanama are known to utilize 80% of their lungs for breathing.

Control of emotions

You must have heard that respiration is directly linked to emotions. The more disturbances you possess in your emotional stability, the more intense your breathing will be. In fact rapid breathing causes frequent changes of emotions in an individual. So health practitioners suggest that by controlling your breathing, you can manage your anger, restlessness and other negative emotions in a more efficient way. Deep and regulated breathing also helps to rein and guide our wild emotions to a greater good.

Gain control over unnecessary thoughts

Most of the times we fail to control our fearful negative emotions thus ruining our peace of mind. Pranayama helps in gaining control over wandering unnecessary thoughts as well as over your body. Negative, worrisome and fearful emotions make an individual nervous and stressed, interfering our lives in many more ways than we actually realize. Regular pranayama helps in focusing our thoughts.

Reduces risk of hypertension

Hypertension is a condition in which the arteries have an elevated blood pressure than normally required for a healthy functioning of our heart. Hypertension is a silent killer dwelling in our body, which can be tamed with alteration in our lifestyle and practicing pranayama regularly. The meditative posture helps the body to relax and to be free of stress and tensions. A calm mind contributes a lot to bringing down the hypertension. Several cases have been seen where chronic patients of hypertension, have successfully kept their blood pressure under control by following life styles changes and doing yoga regularly. In addition, it also helps in controlling other psychosomatic diseases such as diabetes, insomnia, depression and many more.

Improve concentration and memory:

Regular practice of pranayama helps in improving the memory, concentration, besides strengthening your willpower. If you are wondering how deep breathing technique can improves concentration and memory, than you must keep in mind that pranayama increases the oxygen concentration in the bloodstream thereby supplying to various parts of body, including the brain. It relieves in stress, calming our mind to function optimally.

Physical fitness

Pranayama is not just good for your mind but it also improves physical fitness making your body strong, lean, and healthy, especially if you’re practicing other asanas of yoga. It also helps in balancing your digestive system and appetite. Your face will glow since it will start receiving enough supply of oxygen. Those who have problem with their vocal chords can also enjoy some great benefits from pranayama. People who practice pranayama are often more cheerful and happy. It raises the vigor and vitality of an individual to a great extent.

General well being

Pranayama helps in purifying about 72,000 nerves in our body, in addition to strengthening our five pranas, thereby balancing the energy flow in all parts of the body evenly. Intellectual development is accelerated and a greater improvisation is seen in cognitive functioning. Medical practitioners also recommend pranayama to reduce the signs of oxidative stress. It helps in making sound judgment, keeping a steady mind and having a keen sense of perception. Last but not the least; pranayama also helps in travelling on every path of our soul making us more aware of who we are so we can set better goals.

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