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Good Vs Bad Stress: How Do You Know The Difference?

When people talk about stress, it seems like it is always something so negative. People would often say that stress really gets to them and that there will be times they just feel hopeless. They would also say that stress ruins their lives because they simply cannot function and so their everyday routine.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling that way, it is simply part of being human. However, there is one thing that people don’t realize, and that is how stress actually gets to them. Being so stressed and overwhelmed with things may be such a bad thing, but it can also be a good thing, but only if you believe that it is. There is such thing as good and bad stress but it would always depend on how you see things. Here are a couple of things that may help you turn your bad stress to a good one.


People always refer to stress as something that is extremely bad, that is because they can’t really identify whether they are having good stress or bad stress. Good stress is when you are stressed but you know that you can still handle it, like when you know that once you got it over and done with, then it will all be worth it. Bad stress, on the other hand, is basically stress that is comes to you over and over again, it is like a never ending battle. This is when it would start to affect your every day routine, but remember that you still have a choice whether you will let it get to you or not.


• Learn to accept things

If you are having a hard time dealing with bad stress then you can try to turn it into a good one. We all know that stress is always around waiting to be noticed, what you can do is to simply learn to accept things, it may be a little difficult at first but you must learn to accept it especially if there is literally nothing you can do about it.

• Change what you can control

Once you have learned to accept things even if it’s not really in your favor, then it is now time for you to try to change only the things that you can control. If you are having a bad morning, don’t let the rest of the day be so negative, look on the brighter side of life, because this is where you will see that your day could actually be good. Don’t try to change things that you cannot control, or you will forever be a slave of your stress.

• Seek for motivation

Stress has good and bad effects to the body and it can be pretty difficult to just ignore the fact that you’re so stressed. That is why it is best to find motivation. For instance, you are stressing about work, but you know that you are working hard for your family, so use them as a motivation to keep moving forward and to not let stress stop you from doing a great job at work.


Good stress can turn into bad stress especially when you let everything get to you. It is when you actually let little things bother you, such as the bad weather. You know very well that you cannot control the weather and yet you’re so stressed about it. Focusing on the negative side of things can really turn good stress into bad stress.

Keep in mind that stress will always be there waiting to be noticed, it will always be up to you how you’re going to let it affect you. Just like what is mentioned above, there is such thing as good stress, but remember that you are in control of your thought and feelings, so it will always be up to you. Whether you are having good or bad stress, keep in mind that it is part of life and that you will be able to get through it.

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