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Creative Ways To Control Your Emotions

Emotions are actually what makes living things feel alive. It is actually wrong when people say that only humans have the ability to fall in love, to be happy, to get hurt, to feel sad, and more. Animals can, of course, feel as well, since they have emotions just like humans.

Now that it has been established that humans, as well as animals, have emotions. Humans, however, have the ability to control it more. The problem is that emotions can control a person which may then lead to unnecessary confrontations that might actually risk their lives, especially if it has anything to do with anger or hatred.

There are a lot of researchers regarding the said matter, but no one seems to be able to find out how the mind and the body connect with all the emotional reactivity. A study conducted by a psychologist, James Gross, from Stanford University, said that a particular situation would grab a person’s attention, which would then lead to a certain emotion, that would then lead to a result, coming from a negative or positive emotion.

For instance, a person laughs along with other people laughing, then that would mean the emotional reaction is positive because it makes people feel better. However, not everything that makes you feel better is a positive emotion, expressing frustration and hatred might make you feel better but it is certainly not on the positive side. That is why we’re giving you some creative ways to control your emotions.


The very first thing you must do to be able to control your thoughts and emotions is that you must learn to recognize them once you feel them, especially if it is something that is not quite on the good side. Keep in mind that feeling a negative emotion is not bad, it is perfectly normal, however, it must be controlled before the person actually does something that might get them into trouble, since that particular emotion will control them instead of them controlling it.

Deep breaths will definitely help you out, as well as removing yourself from the situation that might trigger your more. Some people have a problem controlling their anger, which is the most common emotion where people normally get out of control, that is why some of them get professional help.


Normally, only negative emotions that might put people at risk are the only emotions that you need to actually keep an eye out, if you haven’t noticed, happiness is actually an emotion where nobody would actually tell you that it is inappropriate, simply because it is a positive emotion.

So if you’re feeling emotions like anger, hatred, frustration, annoyance, and more, another great thing to do is to distract yourself, especially if you cannot remove yourself from the situation. If someone is taunting you, you have to remind yourself that listening to that person is pointless. Think of the most random things that would totally make you want to ignore it.


Another great way to control your emotions is to simply meditate. This is what most people do since somehow they manage to find their inner peace. Once you have the power the control your feelings towards things then put it to test, if you failed, then feel free to try again with a different approach.


Finally, you can change the way you think as well as your response. It may actually sound a little too complicated to do, but it would actually help a lot. If you think about it, you actually cannot control any situation, sometimes it just happen and you got into the middle of it, but by changing your thoughts and the way you believe in things, will then reflect on your reaction.

Just like in cognitive reappraisal, where you change your negative thoughts into something that is a bit better than the negative but not entirely positive, and you would feel content.

However, some people just simply cannot avoid or shift their focus since they are letting their emotions get the best of them, and that is perfectly understandable, but keep in mind that if you want or do something or change something about yourself, you’ll be able to do it. This is a process, not a race or a competition, so take it slow and keep on trying.

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