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Challenges Faced by People When Getting Treatment For Mental Health Conditions


Nearly 18% Of US Adults Over the Age of 18 Are Affected By A Mental Health Or A Problem with Substance Use

An annual national survey conducted by the Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services Administration tries to understand the trends in substance abuse and mental health disorders. In this article, we are looking at the data from 2016 which is the latest available and provides an indication of the number of people that are affected, the number that is receiving treatment and also why a vast number are not getting the treatment they need.

18% of US adults over the age of 18 was affected by a mental illness out of which 4% were dealing with a serious mental health problem. Over the last decade, the overall rates of mental illness have not changed despite some differences being noted in the age of the individuals affected. The rate at which serious mental health conditions are affecting people are rising and an increasing number of young adults are presently suffering from a serious mental health condition.

2016 also saw an increase in the number of adults over the age of 18 dealing with a substance use disorder which included alcohol and illicit drugs. Alcohol use disorders have diminished significantly over the last 10 years among young adults despite being higher among adults over the age of 26.

Young Adults Are Not Receiving Proper Treatment


The Number of Young Adults with a serious Mental Health issue Receiving Treatment Is Just 43%.

Just 43% of young adults dealing with mental illness of any kind received treatment during the last year. Among the individuals that received treatment 58% were taking prescription medication, 43% were receiving outpatient treatment and 8% had enrolled for inpatient treatment.  Getting treatment for substance abuse disorder seems to be the biggest problem among adults. During the last year, just one in nine adults received any treatment for substance abuse and nearly 60% of the individuals that received treatment had to approach a specialized facility.

Why Are People Refraining From Getting the Treatment


Numerous Answers Have Been Provided By Young Adults That Are Not Receiving Any Treatment.

The survey conducted has provided some answers about why many people that need treatment for mental health and substance abuse are not receiving it. The top reasons mentioned by most people reported that the treatment was unaffordable, 30% believed the problem they had could be managed without treatment and about a quarter had no information about where to obtain the services. Many people also spoke about the concerns related to the stigma which caused negative opinions in the community or at their job. Many also had the opinion they were not prepared to begin stopping the use of substances.

Reasons For Not Receiving Mental Health Services


There are tons of Reasons for Not Receiving Mental Health Services

Numerous reasons were mentioned by adults over the age of 18 on why they were unable to obtain mental health services. Among them were the following:

  • The belief that the problem could be managed without treatment.
  • The cost factor.
  • No information about where to obtain the services.
  • Concerned about negative opinions among neighbors and the community.
  • The lack of adequate facilities to pay for mental health services from health insurance.
  • The concerns about being committed to taking the medication prescribed.

The reasons for not receiving treatment for substance use were the following:

  • Not prepared to give up the use.
  • Lack of health care coverage and the costs related to the treatment.
  • Not finding a program which offered the type of treatment that was required.
  • Lack of knowledge about where to go for the treatment.
  • Might cause a negative opinion among neighbors and the community.
  • May have a negative effect on their employers.

Adults that are concerned about mental health can utilize the services offered by online screening facilities to understand whether they should be approaching a mental health specialist for the treatment they deserve. They can utilize the services provided by Screening for Mental Health and screen themselves for depression, anxiety and disorders of other types.

Adults dealing with a problem of substance abuse can have a word with people they are familiar with to understand where they can obtain the treatment for their condition. They can also find quite a few resources by conducting research over the Internet. Substance use disorder is considered as a mental illness and it has been determined by the medical fraternity that treatment should be availed by adults who are dealing with this problem. Individuals will never be able to understand whether they can afford the treatment or not until they contact a facility close to them and obtain all information on the options which will be at their disposal. Most importantly, they must be prepared to undergo the treatment because it is a key to long-term success.

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