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Benefits of Chewing Gum Among Women After a C-Section

Managing normal bowel functions even as she learns to breastfeed the baby and tends to the stitches is a problem faced by women who undergo a C-section. In order to manage this problem effectively, recommendations have been made to chew gum to ease bowel functions.

A fresh study suggests that chewing gum about three times a day for a period of 30 minutes can restore the woman’s normal functions of the stomach after a C-section has been performed.

After a C-section about one in five women develop a condition which is known as postoperative ileus according to a study published online on May 14. Postoperative ileus is a condition which restricts the normal movements in a person’s stomach and does not allow the food to move along because the stomach squeezes and relaxes and in many cases stops the movement of food.

The slowing down of stomach movements can give rise to symptoms which can include nausea, abdominal pain and bloating. This is a condition which affects every individual who undergoes an abdominal surgery and is not restricted to just a C-section. It is caused by the inflammation which results after cutting open the abdomen.

The condition of postoperative ileus generally subsides in about 3 to 4 days but will cause discomfort with the patient until the condition lasts. Doctors cannot adopt different approaches to help a woman get her stomach moving again by suggesting that the woman gets up and walk around and begin to eat soon after the procedure has been completed. However, women who suffer from postoperative ileus often feel nauseous and may refuse to have food.

Chewing Gum The Remedy For Postoperative Ileus

Chewing gum tricks the body into believing that the person is eating. The saliva in the mouth begins flowing and sends signals to the stomach to begin moving again. The studies that were conducted on 3000 women considered a single factor and tried to understand how long did it take for the woman to pass gas after a C-section.

Passing gas is an early indication that the person’s stomach is back to functioning normally and is also a signal that no blockages exist in the stomach and things are moving along fine.

The women who were studied were given chewing gum within two hours of having a C-section and asked to chew it three times a day for about 15 to 30 minutes every time. The researchers were able to ascertain that the women who followed their advice managed to pass gas 6.5 hours earlier than the women who were not given the gum. 23 hours after the C-section the women that were given the gum managed to pass gas while the condition among others was delayed by 29.5 hours after the C-section.

The studies concluded that this was an inexpensive and an effective method of helping women to get their stomach movements back in order simply by adding chewing gum their routine after a C-section.

The new studies conducted recently is just adding information to studies that were conducted earlier and have mentioned that giving women chewing gum after a C-section delivery is a safe and an effective method to help restore stomach functions after the procedure. A similar study was also conducted in 2016 which concluded that chewing gum given to a woman within the initial 24 hours of a C-section is a simple, low-cost and an easy method of intervention which is well tolerated that enhances early improvement of the functions of the stomach and also improves maternal comfort and reduces costs at the hospital.

The researchers have however mentioned that most studies are needed to gather evidence of the support chewing gum can give women after a C-section.

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