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Rediscovering Love While Recovering From Drug Addiction

Is there a perfect one waiting out there for you? Or is it just a myth? Whatever it is, the whole process of dating and seeking your perfect one out is somewhat cumbersome and an uphill task for many. Whether it’s your first time or the hundredth, it is challenging and sometimes scary, too. We are talking about normal people. What about those who are recuperating from a drug addiction and are still trying to find themselves in their recovery phase? Is dating at that point a feasible idea or is it like playing with fire? Is there a way to deal with it in sobriety and make the whole process more satisfactory and fulfilling? Let’s find out.

It’s Not Necessary To Be Lonely In Your Recovery

You Can Definitely escape From Your Loneliness In Due Course

Staying sober is challenging and difficult, or so do others in their own recovery stage say. Being sober post-treatment involves staying away from potential situations that might trigger your addictions — that means you don’t do things that you probably did frequently in the past, like hanging out in someone’s den or attending parties. It leads you to think that you are losing chances of meeting new people, making new buddies, or building up a new relationship. Consequently, loneliness sets in, and most people adjust with that in their recovery period. However, that’s unnecessary, and you can definitely evade this loneliness in your sober phase.

It’s Time You Get To Know Yourself

It’s always a bit tricky getting into or building a new relationship during the recovery period, but that can go a long way in helping you overcome solitariness. Always remember that before you jump on to the dating wagon in that critical phase, you first need to identify and know yourself all over again. Your addiction warped and twisted your view about your own self and also those around you. This is temporary and quite normal. Receiving love and support from your close and loved ones will help you garner the confidence that you had lost, and you may feel comfortable dating after those dark times of addiction.

Seeking Out Love During Recovery And After Addiction

Unlock Yourself To Rediscover Love

Most rehabilitation experts are of the opinion that dating or finding love in the early stages of sobriety is a strict no-no. Post-treatment recovery is considered to be very critical and delicate as well. Making any significant changes in your life right on the very first year of your recovery may prove lethal. That’s why post-addiction dating is ill-advised by many.

However, you can never build up a genuine and a sincere relationship with anyone unless you unlock yourself. And seeking love is no different. But, to open yourself up, you have to be mentally prepared. So, finding love or forging a new romantic relationship at any stages of recovery is completely in your hands. Still, there are some things you should remember.

Your Sobriety Should Be Your Priority

Stay Sober And Act Normal Before You Enter A New Relationship

If romance becomes more important to you than your recovery, you will neglect major parts of your daily routine that help you maintain sobriety. Nights out with your partner or group meetings are hindrances and will distract you from the path that you need to follow in this delicate phase. Shying away from your recovery-related routines and responsibilities can result in a relapse, and that is deadly. It’s best to avoid this and make your recovery as our top-most priority.

Do Not Hurry And Take Things A Bit Slow

Don’t Rush Into Romance

Seems tough? Maybe, but, it is in your best interest to take small steps towards a romantic relationship during your phases of recovery. It might be your ex-flame or a new-found love, but it’s absolutely necessary to take things a bit slow. This will make sure that you and your partner are on the same wavelength, and are completely aware of what to expect out of this relationship. Secondly, this will pave way for a better level of communication about how your relationship and the recovery process affect each other.

Don’t get addicted to your relationships because trading an old addiction for a brand new one is not a good idea. Try not to make it the sole focus of your life in the phases of sobriety. Rushing into romance if you’re not ready will bring with it the risks of a relapse and that will prove fatal. So focus more on your recovery than seeking romance. That will benefit you in the long run.


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