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The Process Of Addiction Rehab

Leading a healthy and a sober life is challenging along with bringing along a number of difficulties. Addicts will be required to make a lifelong commitment and stay dedicated to work hard. The rewards from the transformation are however worth the effort. The process of addiction rehab begins with a simple step but takes the individual on a journey which will change their lives forever.

The Steps Involved During The Process Of Addiction Rehab

The type of addiction the individual is used to will determine the process of addiction rehab. However, it must be understood that recovery processes of all types contain certain key elements. They include the following:

  • Intake.
  • Detoxification.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Ongoing recovery.

Addicts who have questions concerning the process of addiction rehab or their individual journey to the recovery should be having a discussion with the treatment support advisors of the clinic chosen to rest assured with the knowledge their questions will be answered in confidentiality during any time of the day or night and without obligations.


Intake is the procedure of understanding whether a particular rehab center is suitable for you or not. This is also the stage when the addict can ask questions from the center chosen by him or her and satisfy themselves about the suitability.

The rehab center chosen will also have some questions for the addict and may require them to undergo some tests in order to determine how the program can be optimized for the particular patient and the stage of addiction they could be going through. The center will be particularly interested in the severity of the addiction, the family history of addiction, the history of drug abuse and any financial arrangements made for the treatment.

Learning to face reality, refusing refuge in cliches and lies, fighting to find a way out – that’s what ‘Rehab’ is about.

~Antonia Bird

Ascertaining The Suitability Of the Program Is Essential For the Addict


Addicts will not come across any shortages when the matter relates to finding addiction rehabilitation programs. It will be essential for them to search for a feasible program which will be a suitable match for them. Addicts that are comfortable the chosen facility are more likely to complete the program and increase their chances of sobriety along with long-term health.

The Process Of Addiction Rehab Offers The Following Services

Most rehab treatment programs will offer the following:

  • Inpatient services.
  • Outpatient services.
  • A combination of both types of services.

The addict has the option to choose inpatient or outpatient treatment according to his or her choices and the severity of the addiction. However, they can rest assured that the process of intake will remain the same and will be conducted by a counselor within the facility.

Inpatient services will remove the addict from their surroundings to place them within a treatment facility which offers 24 seven care from qualified professionals. Inpatient care is helpful in eliminating the stress involved in removing the patient from temptation and the chances of a relapse during detox and the rehab.

Outpatient programs are similar to inpatient programs with the sole exception of the patient being allowed to return home every night after the treatment. Addicts who have work and family obligations will find outpatient care better suited for their requirements. Outpatient care is a great option for addicts who are dealing with mild or short-term addictions. However, it may not be the best option for addicts who are trying to overcome long-term addictions because the risks of temptations remain high.


After the addict has been through the initial process of detox either from drugs or alcohol they will be required to continue with their rehabilitation. This is the stage when the patient begins to understand the reasons behind their addictions and addresses any issues which could be affecting them to ensure they can effectively move ahead with their lives without the thought of going back to their addictive behavior.

The process of addiction rehab is one which can help the addict to change his or her thinking and begin lives again by leaving behind the stigma of their addiction. The process is definitely challenging but for a determined individual, it will be similar to crossing another bridge.

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