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Five Ways To Overcome Sleep Problems After Being In A Drug Rehab

Sleep is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle. Did you know that we spend one-third of our lives just sleeping? At the same time, it is alarming to know that 45% of Americans struggle with insomnia. It is not an unknown fact that those with addiction issues almost always face sleep issues. In fact, a large number of drug addicts have a relapse as they fail to sleep. Hence, getting over sleep issues and sleeping enough hours a night are crucial during the withdrawal period. Sleep during this period is especially important since it holds the key to your mental and physical well-being. Here are a few things that might help people suffering from insomnia and addiction issues:

Exercise During The Day

Working out daily is a great way to combat sleep issues. At the same time, it takes care of the stress, helping the body release any tension and makes you feel tired enough for a good night’s sleep. Any form of work out is good for this purpose. Start with a light workout but build up the intensity levels and up your game every time you have managed to ace what you are doing already. If regular workouts are what you usually do, try kickboxing or if yoga is your cup of tea, start learning pilates. This will keep your daily routine interesting and help you be consistent in being active, too.

Get More Of The Sun

Being outside during the daytime helps in sleeping well at night. If you work mostly from your home, make it a habit to go outside for a walk mid-morning or post lunch. Make sure you are doing this apart from your daily workout routine. Being more exposed to the sun also helps in keeping your Vitamin D levels good, thereby making you a happier person. If it is too hot to go out, choose a good time of the day for your tryst with the sun — early morning or afternoon. It works both ways!

Try Out Sleep Restriction Therapy

Power naps are very popular these days. It has been proven to have amazing effects on the body, acting as a way to recharge and refreshen a tired mind. However, if you suffer from insomnia, it is best to let go of these small napping sessions. They might be the reason it is becoming hard for you to sleep at night. Sleep restriction therapy works when the patient is advised by the doctor to sleep for a limited number of hours in the day. If it does have positive results, then the therapist can slowly increase the sleep hours until they reach the perfect number that is good for a healthy lifestyle.

Practice Mindfulness Meditation

Regardless of your overall well-being, meditation is great for the mind and body overall. Mindfulness meditation will teach patients to be in a state of restful alertness. This helps the patient release stress and improve their mental health which, in turn, can help an insomniac catch those zzz’s. The best way to do this is by trying to focus less on the worries that are clouding your mind and more on just the present moment. For example, if you have a big day coming up, stop thinking or worrying about it. You’ll end up feeling anxious of the future. Instead, focus on what is going on the “now”.

Refrain From Screen Time Before Sleeping

Watching TV for long hours before bedtime, working on your laptop, or browsing through social media on your phone can very well hamper with your sleep routine. Make your bedroom the place only for sleeping. If you have a TV there, move it to the living room. Also, keep it cool and dark before sleeping. Eliminate light from outside by investing in dark blinds or thicker curtains. Also, make sure you have a fixed time for sleeping. These are the golden rules for fighting any kind of insomnia. Just stick to this, and it might work well for you.

Going back to the old routine is easy. Having a glass of wine or a prescribed sleeping pill before bedtime is the go-to solution. Hence, most people try to take the easy route to solve any sleeping issue. But these are all shortcuts that don’t work for long term. If you really want to focus on a healthy future ahead, try these organic ways to get some sleep. It does work!

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