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Five Myths That Prevent Depressed Men to Seek Therapy And Rehabilitation (BUSTED!)

Depression is an issue people find tough to discuss because it’s such a sensitive topic. Depressed men prefer to stay mum and keep struggling for many years, only to ask for help when things have already turned for the worst for them. Unfortunately, most of them don’t speak out at all. This factor is one of the prime reasons why men who commit suicide account for 3.5 times the number of women who do so – depression being one of the major causes.

Men who suffer from mental depression often become isolated

Fighting and overcoming depression is not a walk in the park. Aside from waging a war against the illness, you need to ward off the stigma that people attach to it. For men, the concern and fear of looking unmanly or mentally weak add on to the stress and strain. For self-protection, men tend to make their anger and shame as a shield. But ultimately, this prevents them from reaching out for help and seeking treatment.

There are quite a few myths that actually prevent men from seeking mental treatment and rehabilitation. Let’s bust those myths once and for all.

Depression is often considered associated to weakness.

One reason why men succumb through this illness quietly is because of the fear that people will think that they are weak. We’ve all grown accustomed to the belief that “real men don’t cry”, along with other traditional stereotypes attached to men. It goes without saying that depression has no connection with mental weakness. It is a grave health issue that a million men face every passing year. It’s not at all different from suffering from a high blood pressure or developing diabetes. Depression can affect any individual, and it never ever plays favorites. There is no weakness in seeking for help from friends, family, and professionals.

A man is strong enough to bring his feelings under control.

Men often tend to hide their mental illness

In some cases, we see men who have smiles on their faces but are battling their demons internally. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you have no control over your feelings. But you can try your best to have a control over your reactions. Opting to ignore the problems or looking for a solution to end them before you lose control over them is included.

“Real” men don’t seek help.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to ask for someone else’s perspective about the reasons for your depression. Taking the help of a professional and getting to know the treatment options are some of the best things you can do to help yourself. Going solo to wage a war against mental depression is quite similar to pushing a boulder up to the top of a mountain all alone. Things will get tougher day by day. And it’s important that you beat your male ego first.

Speaking out on depression won’t be of much use.

Do not hesitate to speak out about your mental illness

If you think ignoring depression is an easy way out, you are highly mistaken. Many times, you think you are aware of all the answers, and you believe you can come up with solutions to every problem. That’s far from being true. Thoughts which can potentially weigh down heavily on your mind might get lighter when you discuss it with your family, friends, or possibly a therapist. Psychotherapy has proven to be the most effective treatment for people who are going through depression.

Depression may make you a burden for other people.

Being in the worst of your health and disagreeing on seeking treatment can put your loved ones under tremendous pressure, but seeking help wouldn’t. So don’t leave them in the dark about what you are experiencing. It gets more frustrating when an individual is in dire need of a helping hand but fails to acknowledge that.

If you know a male friend who might be suffering from depression, try to help in all possible ways

If you or someone you know is going through severe depression, you can take help from numerous websites that can bail men out of this health issue. Men, in order to portray themselves as men, fail to ponder about their mental health. Things gradually go beyond their control, and they have no options left but to uncover their mental illness. Why let things go out of hand and suffer until then? Remember that mental depression is a kind of a sickness that needs a cure rather than being ignored. Reaching out for help and discussing on your mental issues in time can help you lead a peaceful life. There’s absolutely no shame in confessing if you’re going through a depressed mental condition. Talk it out with your near ones or consult a professional. It’s never too late.

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