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These Celebs Are Dealing With Depression & Several Mental Illnesses & Winning At Life With Mental Health Programs- What’s Your Excuse?

Depression is a serious and often neglected health issue which doesn’t really ask who and when it hits, making even the best things in our lives look nothing more than a pale shadow. While we can only give our full support to those battling their demons, it’s important to note and is sometimes even easier to do so when you know you are not the only one up against such a fiend. To help battle this sickness, mental health counselors have worked with some of our favorite Hollywood stars too and we’ve now collected a list of some remarkable celeb cases – you would never guess our No. 24!

Angelina Jolie – Depression

The U.N. Goodwill Ambassador and one of the most popular actresses of all time, Angelina Jolie struggled with depression during her early 20s. Instead of entering mental health program, the famous actress decided to fight depression by working as much as she could. After her mother died in 2007, Jolie got a part in the movie Wanted and that job helped Jolie to keep herself busy and not overthink things. Luckily, she managed to overcome her depression and get a proper mental health care.

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