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Are You Suffering From A Social Anxiety? Here’s How You Can Deal With It

As if problems in our own lives are not enough, we have society which has constantly questioned our every move. The people around us will always have their own views and perceptions, and chances are that they will never be similar to ours. However, this is a problem that we cannot control. If the people around us are not matured enough to understand that being judgemental about others is not going to solve any issue, then they won’t stop pointing fingers. However, instead of being perturbed by all these, we need to know how to handle these situations best without being stressed out. Here we will discuss four kinds of social anxieties that might plague our lives and minds and how to handle them in the right way!

Social Acceptance

This is probably the biggest social issue we have. When in a group, the urge to get accepted and be a part of that group is huge. If you feel anxious about starting conversations, you are definitely one of them. Many people even make a script in their head as a sort of preparation for any conversation with a group of people. Specific details are thought of and possible answers to questions that may pop up to gain acceptance from the group are all planned in their minds. However, experts believe that is not the right approach. If you are truly anxious about these situations, the best way face them is by doing what scares you. Just go to people with whom you want to talk and start an unscripted conversation. The trick here is to listen attentively, respond wisely, and keep making eye contact. If all is well, they will be impressed, but if not, you are only wasting your time trying to get accepted in their circle. Find another, or an even better option, make your own!

Anxious About Our Looks

This is another issue that society has sort of bestowed on us. Too fat, too thin, flabby arms, big tummy, curly hair, too pale, too dark, bad skin – there will always be some kind of problem with your appearance. But if we keep feeling conscious of these “flaws”, then we are essentially putting negative thoughts in our minds which is not doing anything to our confidence level. Moreover, when we keep thinking of our insecurities, we tend to put all our focus on them which, consequently, puts these under a spotlight for everyone to see. You don’t really want to keep touching your tummy in a social gathering, right? Stop the negative talk first, and stop believing that the people you want to talk to rely only on outer appearance. If they really do that, it is better to avoid such vain people! You are better off without them, trust us!

Anxious About Our Personality

Our growing up years largely shape our personality. However, society tends to make us think that people who are outgoing, smart, and eloquent are usually very interesting. Hence, most people yearn to be like them, thinking them to be the perfect personality type. But that is not true as people can be of different kinds and be interesting in their own unique way. Being an introvert or extrovert is not equal to having a bad or good personality.

Anxious About Your Anxiety

This might sound weird, but this is a very common social anxiety and happens for people who suffer from anxiety attacks in general. A racing heart, clammy palms, red faces, intense sweating — many people face these symptoms when they are in a social gathering or situation. The fear is sometimes too much to handle, and that prompts these people to avoid social situations altogether. But again, the right kind of approach to face these situations would be to face them headlong. Distract yourself by joining in a conversation, and soon, you might see the symptoms vanishing; also a little bit of self-talk might help you prep for the situation.

Every individual is different, so do not compare yourself with others. More importantly, do not beat your self over for what others can do and you can’t. Instead, think about your own strengths and try to highlight and hone them as much as you can. Soon, your social anxieties will lessen, and you will start feeling more confident about yourself.

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