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Stop, Look, and Listen: Significance of Being Mentally Aware

When you are stuck in traffic, listening to music, forgetting about the world, whether you’re the ones who are driving, or you may be a passenger or even just someone who’s trying to cross the streets, keep in mind that you have to always be mindful and aware of what is happening around you. Same goes with your life, that is why in this article, we will be tackling about the being mentally aware using the Stop, Look, and Listen signs.


Pay Attention

The first thing you must consider doing is that you must take the time to actually pause and notice things around you, beginning of course with yourself. It is perfectly normal to be so busy, but it is best to take a peek at what is going on your life as well as your surroundings.

You might be too busy with whatever you’re doing that you are not noticing that you are no longer taking care of your well-being. Some people tend to get sick because they’re too busy to eat on time or they’re too busy to get regular check-ups. You might not notice that you’re actually gaining or losing weight. Maybe it is actually time to pay attention to yourself because you are nothing without your health.

Don’t Rush

Paying attention to yourself is one thing, but checking out what you’re actually doing, how you’re doing it, and most especially, why you’re doing it, is another. Take time to notice the tiny little things. Don’t rush because life is indeed short that you might forget to actually live your life since you’re too focused on trying to make a living. It is also time for you to pause and look deep into what you want most and what you think would make you happy.


Be Observant

Once you have become mentally aware of yourself as well as your actions. It is time to observe what it is actually going on around you, begin with your family. Unfortunately, there are times where people are so preoccupied with themselves that they don’t notice people around them.

Some parents are too busy working that they forget, their children actually need them. Some people are too busy doing their own thing that they forget their friends are slowly getting away from them doing the same thing. And some, are too busy meddling with other people’s lives that they don’t notice theirs is actually falling apart.


There is no perfect time than now, to start re-evaluating your actions. You must open your eyes and look at what you can do and what you can change. Don’t be the kind of person who sees everything but does nothing. If someone needs help, lend a hand. If someone seeks for guidance, don’t be afraid to share your advice. If someone asks for support, then by all means support them. It doesn’t matter if it is someone from your family or any of your friends. This world needs people who can make a difference, someone who can see things and try to make it better, be an inspiration to everyone. Don’t be like everyone else, have the courage to make a difference.


Hear what your mind and heart says

Being mindful doesn’t just mean that you only have to use your mind when it comes to making decisions and doing what is right, you must also consider your feelings. The mind and the heart may sometimes go to different paths, and you might find a hard time choosing which one to agree on, but the truth is that what you think and what you feel north matters. What you’re thinking may not always be right but what you’re feeling might be, and vice versa. It might be a little confusing but once you get into a situation where you have to pick between the two, choose what you think is right, but only if it feels right.

Seek feedback

Lastly, being mindful also mean that you are willing to listen to what other people have to say. There are some times where what you’re thinking or doing might not be good enough, that their ideas might be better, it is best to consider it. There are times that you might have done something wrong and it is perfectly normal since everyone make mistakes, and people will criticize you for it, just listen to every single one of them.

Just remember that some of them may either help you or not, but keep in mind that you have to do what is best for you.

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