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What Kind Of Foods Trigger Seizures?

Seizures normally happen when the brain or the neurons get electrocuted. It is indeed a major symptom that there is actually a serious problem in the brain. There is an abnormal electric activity in the brain that is why there are seizures, however, some people often think that seizures are actually convulsions, wherein the body shakes uncontrollably and rapidly, but the truth is, seizures are actually not always caused by convulsions.


Seizures can be a one-time thing, but recurrent seizures are what they usually called epilepsy, and there are actually two general categories that classify seizures.

• Generalized Seizure

This particular one actually involves both sides of the brain right from the beginning of the attack. This can happen to both children and adults.

• Partial Seizure

Unlike the generalized seizure, this one only begins from a specific part of the brain, but it can still spread to the entire brain. A person who is having a simple partial seizure can actually still be conscious, but not all the time.



Gluten, that is commonly found in rye, wheat, pasta, cereals, and bread, can actually trigger seizure. This is because of gluten’s inflammatory nature. So if you are aware that you are most likely to have seizures, then it is best to try adopting a gluten-free diet for a while.


Processed sugar could also be a reason for you to have a seizure, this is actually despite the fact that glucose is needed by the brain, too much of it can actually trigger seizure. According to scientists, reducing the amount of sugar from your diet could actually prevent any unpredictable bursts of electric activity in the brain, so that would definitely mean, there are fewer chances of you having seizures.


Milk, butter, cheese, and every other dairy actually causes a lot of allergic reactions, turns out that it also triggers seizures for both children and adults. That is because of the hormones and all the contaminants that can be found in milk, can actually impact the brain in so many ways, dairy is also really high in glutamine. Dairy is indeed pretty good for the body, but that was years ago, it is pretty difficult to say that there are no chemicals found in any type of dairy.


This is actually one of those food additives that are considered to be “excitotoxins” because they are the ones stimulating the nerve cells that cause it to rapidly burn, which can trigger seizures. MSG is commonly used for additional flavor enhancer, especially in restaurants, because it intensifies the flavor of the meat and make it savory. However, it is not really advisable since it can cause several health diseases.


• The most important thing is to let people, such as friends and family, that you or anyone involved has epilepsy, and they must all be educated when it comes to handling someone who is having a seizure.

• If anyone in your family has epilepsy, they must always carry a medical identification with them that says they’re most likely to have seizures anytime anywhere and how severe it is, so that whatever happens, people can provide the appropriate treatment just in case it happens in public.

• It is best to stay away from any type of machinery, it doesn’t matter if it is at home, school, or work, if you know you have active seizures. It is also best to try to stop yourself from doing things like mowing, farming, doing the laundry and more.

• If you are on medication, be sure to take it when you’re supposed to and don’t stop taking it all of a sudden without actually consulting your doctor. Every type of epilepsy has different types of anticonvulsant drugs prescribed for it.

• Alcohol must be avoided as well since it could definitely interfere with how your medication will affect you, it may also lose the brain’s seizure threshold.

If you know anyone who has epilepsy, or someone who has seizures from time to time, or if you, yourself is at risk, it is best to know every single thing there is to know about this matter, or ask everything to your doctor, for your own safety.

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