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Physical Signs that Mean You Badly Need a Break

Stress is very prevalent in almost every workplace and in every home. While most people deny it, many are not aware that it is a reality that has to be managed instead of avoiding. When stress hits you head on, you will start exhibiting some symptoms without you even being aware of it. Here are some of them:

Your Emotions Are Out of Control

Stress can affect almost all aspects of your life and it can have a very profound effect on your emotions. If you do not handle it right, it might start affecting your behavior and your relationships can suffer as well. Nobody, no matter how calm, is immune to stress. Symptoms can vary from person to person. However, when you notice that you are constantly getting irritable, this only means you need a break.

You might find yourself getting easily agitated, moody and frustrated. Sometimes, you will feel overwhelmed as if you had lost control over your life. You find your head in constant chatter with a voice deep inside, When all these are present, that only means that you are stressed.

You Start Avoiding People

There are those times when you just want to be left alone, however, if it has been weeks since you last talked to anybody, this can mean that you are stressed. Humans are social beings and while some are more sociable than others, nobody was designed to live in a cave and not interact. If you have not been talking to anybody lately, assess yourself and see if you are stressed.

If it gets worse, you might feel lonely, worthless and you might think that this life is not worth living. Do not always give in to what your mind tells you as all you might need after is just some time off to relax and unwind.

Mild Symptoms

Just because you are not getting headaches or are not getting physical symptoms that are as bad as other people say it does not mean that you are in perfectly good shape. Stress can manifest in some manners that you might not even notice such as grinding teeth, popping sounds in your ears, sweaty hands or feet, dry mouth, problem swallowing, nail biting, picking and a lot more.

While your level of stress might not be manifest enough, you have to deal with it while it is still early, Stress can have debilitating effects and it is important to deal with it.

You Cannot Keep Calm

Josiah Gilbert Holland once said that “Calmness is the cradle of power.” Indeed, you are able to bring out the best in you when you remain calm. Unfortunately, this might get harder to do when work gets tough or when you have a lot of issues.

Keeping calm is supposed to be a basic human function, so if you just cannot keep calm no matter what you do, you are stressed for sure. Try to take deep breaths one by one. If you feel cranky or hysterical, if you feel like you want to let it all out, you definitely need a break.

Harmful Physical Symptoms

If stress is not dealt with early, it can manifest later on in symptoms that can really start to harm you. You might feel more lethargic than usual despite having more than enough sleep. You might start getting muscle pains or headaches as well. Sometimes, you also get chest pain and your heartbeat feels faster than the usual.

Being stressed also means that you get sick more frequently. If multiple physical symptoms which are out of the usual start to manifest themselves, it only means that you have to cut yourself some slack. You are having too much of whatever it is that you are trying to pull off and you need a break badly.

Signs of stress can start from something as harmless as constantly twisting your hair until you start getting restless and get a lot of body pains. While external symptoms are the most obvious signs of stress, it is better to be aware if you are stressed early on to manage it better. Do you have any stress detection techniques which you can share? Hit us up in the comments below.

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