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59 NFL Coaches & Their Incredible Net Worth – See Who Has The Biggest Bank Account

Bill Belichick – $35 Million

Aside from being the general manager of the team, New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has a salary of $12.5  million which we guess is well-deserved as he was the man who led the team to victory five times during the Super Bowl over the years. Having been inspired by his father who was a football coach, he built his career as a professional coach for the New York Giants in the beginning. Though his career was not without controversies that required him to involve his family lawyers, his impressive bank accounts more than made up for his past slips and falls. According to a recent report in Boston Globe, Bill has acquired a spectacular island in the fishing village of Siasconset that is believed to be worth $10 million where his friends and family could live or stay over.

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