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What To Do When A Loved One Has Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a condition of the brain which causes the death of large numbers of cells within the brain. Alzheimer’s affects the ability of the person to remember things and think clearly. People with Alzheimer’s begin to forget things and can become easily confused. They can have a difficult time concentrating and behave oddly. These problems aggravate as the condition worsens making the job of the caregiver even more difficult.

If you want to understand what you can do when a loved one has Alzheimer’s we suggest you continue reading this article because we have provided some tips which can help you deal with the loved one in a proper manner. The tips are divided into different sections and every section includes information about how you can cope with the challenges which confront you.

Dealing with communication problems caused by Alzheimer’s

Communication is difficult for people who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s because their memory becomes impaired. It is common for them to struggle to find words or forget what they intended to say. They could make you impatient and leave you wondering whether you can find a way to cope with the condition. The kind of problems faced by people with Alzheimer’s include the following:

  • Difficulties finding the right words when speaking.
  • Difficulties understanding the meaning of words.
  • Problems paying attention when being involved in long conversations.
  • Frustration when communication isn’t working.
  • Being sensitive to touch and the loudness of voices.

Alzheimer’s also causes people to become confused about language. They may begin to communicate in the first language they learned instead of the normally spoken language at home.

Dealing with communication problems which are caused by Alzheimer’s will require you to understand that it is the disease which is causing the changes to the skills of the patient. You will thereafter need to learn the skills necessary to communicate with them in a proper manner. If you are involved in providing day to day care to the individual you are advised to remember the following suggestions.

Make eye contact address the person by name

Bear in mind that people with Alzheimer’s or sensitive to body language and therefore you must encourage two-way conversation with the individual whenever possible. These actions will help the person suffering from Alzheimer’s to feel better about himself or herself.

Use distraction as a method to deal with people suffering from Alzheimer’s if communication is causing any problems with the help of distraction. Offer some fun activities or take them for a walk around the neighborhood.

Encourage people with Alzheimer’s to communicate with you

This may seem like a difficult task particularly with people who have difficulties in communicating but is a necessity which cannot be avoided. It is essential that you encourage the person with Alzheimer’s to communicate with you by using the following techniques.

  • Showing a warm, loving and caring manner.
  • Holding the hand of the person when you speak.
  • Remaining open to the concerns expressed by the person even if they are difficult to understand.
  • Let the patient concerned make decisions and stay involved with him or her.
  • Patients with Alzheimer’s are prone to angry outbursts and you will be required to remain patient because it is their illness which is expressing itself.
  • If you become frustrated with the discussion you can certainly take a timeout to relieve the stressful situation.

Dealing with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s is a challenge and you are required to educate yourselves about what to do when a loved one has Alzheimer’s. Understanding how to deal with the condition will make it easier for you to manage the individual effects and will also make it easier for the patient to feel better despite having an illness which will only advance with age.

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