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How is Lack of Sleep ‘Killing Us’?

Keeping our mental health in the best shape possible is as important as maintaining our body’s health.  We might not notice it but a lot of things that seem minor can actually contribute to the damage caused on our mental health. One of these things is sleep.

Sleep has been underestimated for a very long time mainly because people think they can get away with 3-4 hours of sleep plus a cup or two of coffee to keep them going for the rest of the day. Well, we hate to burst your bubble but lack of sleep can make you face numerous consequences.

Teenagers need around 8-10 hours of sleep a day while adults need around 7-9 hours a day

Suffer The Consequences

We might not know it now but one of the serious consequences the lack of sleep can bring to us is developing a serious case of depression. When we keep missing hours and hours of sleep, our brain activity and neurochemicals are distorted and this is what later gives us a sad or irritable mood.

Clinical depression is more likely to be diagnosed on people who don’t sleep enough

When someone is diagnosed with clinical depression, it won’t be a surprise if they suffer from insomnia too. This insomnia can later make us suffer from anxiety, memory loss, and lack of alertness and concentration as well.  Not only does lack of sleep messes with your head for the increase of stress hormones can damage the collagen which keeps your skin healthy.

Compared to women, men are more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel

You are also more prone to accidents and diseases when you are lacking sleep. A lot of people die from fatal car accidents each year because of drivers who fall asleep behind the wheel. Diabetes and heart complications such as a stroke or a heart attack are also some of the more serious consequences one can experience.

What Happens After A Good Night’s Rest?

We are sure you know how good a full night of sleep feels since a lot of you used to get them maybe before you were in college. Due to some circumstances, a lot of us have no choice but to miss some sleep due to “all-nighters” or stress caused from work. However, even though reducing your sleeping might seem like the only choice you have, you really need to prioritize sleep more and ‘fight’ for that extra hour of sleep.

Think of a good night’s rest as if it was your “reset” button because of course, everything you have done during the day drains you, so, it’s just normal to recharge. Many of us depend on coffee to fill in for our lack of sleep but this is temporary as your body, at the end of the day, will really need to rest.

What you may not know is that if you constantly get a good night’s rest, you might not even need a cup of coffee in the morning anymore. Getting enough rest will already fully supply you the energy and focus you need.

Studies show that caffeine shows no effect on people who constantly lack sleep

A lot of people who seem like they’re stressed with everything 24/7 are probably lacking hours of sleep because being well-rested can significantly decrease the production of stress hormones. If you want to stay away from ending up in the hospital then you should not disrupt your sleep cycles since sleep deprivation is also very bad for your immune system.

Enough rest will also benefit you when we want to become stronger and have a more successful weight loss journey. You are exposed to different dietary and environmental pollutants every single day and sleep is the time our body is able to repair itself from all of that. Enough rest will make you have an increased brain function and an overall better mood.

How To Fall Asleep Even When It Seems Impossible?

There are a lot of ways you can follow to put your sleeping pattern back on track. You can start by following a strict sleep schedule until your body clock gets used to it.

Heavy meals, alcohol, and caffeine are things you should avoid hours before you plan to sleep. Exercise also improves your sleep pattern but make sure you don’t do it within three hours before you go to bed. Avoid using your gadgets before sleeping because studies show that the artificial light from your gadgets makes falling asleep way more difficult.

Do You Think It’s Possible To Get 8 Hours Of Sleep Every day?

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