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Are You a Narcissist? Here Are the Signs

So, you noticed that people tend to tell you that you only think about yourself and that you act as if the world revolves around you? Check our list and see if you are really a narcissist!

Today, you will hear a lot of people being labeled as narcissistic, when all they are being only vain. However, a narcissistic personality disorder is a lot more serious than just liking to check yourself out in the mirror, and this is how to recognize it.

1. Being a bad sport

Narcissists are sometimes bullies and that commonly leads to them not being all to fun to play with. If they lose a friendly game they might get angry with the rules, other players or referees, and when they win they tend to gloat and humiliate the loser. Winning, in and of itself is a big aspect of their personalities so they tend to exaggerate their victories and downplay their losses.

2. Belief that everybody else is plain and stupid

One of the common traits of narcissists is that they are know-it-alls. They do not believe they can be wrong about anything so anybody who disagrees with them must be a dumb person. They refuse to accept that other people have inner lives as well and rate their own thoughts far above anybody else’s.

3. Righteousness

Apart from believing that their opinions are always the best, narcissists will often choose to believe in something that allows them to be self-righteous. They will assault others for not following the moral code they chose as the superior one. For example, they might choose to believe they have a closer connection to the divine, but what is important here is that they want to be acknowledged as being morally superior because of it. A modern example would be any of the new groups of people waiting to be “offended” by a random word so that they can go off and attack the person who said it.

4. Being overly romantic

One group of narcissists can be labeled as “seductive”. They fall in love easily and they fall hard, sometimes with a person they barely know. They imprint their own feelings of perfection onto their partners and become greatly disappointed when, ultimately, the partner doesn’t turn out to be as perfect as they are which leads to a breakup.

5. Cheating in relationships

Once a narcissist feels safe in their relationship in regards to their partner’s commitment they are more likely to cheat than other people. They seem to get a thrill from convincing others into being promiscuous with them, and showing that they can have anyone they want is a big deal for narcissists.

6. Putting others down

For a narcissist, their self-image is probably the most important thing, which leads to them not allowing others to take their spotlight. When they cannot elevate themselves above the others they might attempt to put them down so that they can keep being the king of their hill.

7. Liking other narcissists

Narcissists are drawn to narcissistic traits of others. They recognize each other’s needs for appreciation and enjoy providing it. They also get to feel like a part of the group they are in instead of towering above all others. And, while they may still believe that their best friend is below them, they still rate that friend as being above the rest of the world.

8. Hating to talk about their feelings

A narcissist can hate the simple act of showing their feelings in front of another person. The fact that they have those feelings shows to them that they can be affected by outside sources and that they do not have the perfect autonomy they like to believe they do. This can lead to them constantly trying to change the topic once their feelings come up.

9. Demanding to stay in control

Similar to their hate of showing their feelings, narcissists will demand to remain in perfect control when it comes to their lives. They do not like asking for permission especially if there is a chance for their demand to be denied. This leads to them being manipulative in relationships, using disapproving looks, changing plans and being constantly late. This undermines the ability of their partner to make choices and keeps the control in their hands.

However, if this article is not enough for you, you might visit this website to do a quick test and see exactly how narcissistic you really are.

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