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Fake Happy: A Growing Problem

With social media around, it is hard to keep things under wraps. Celebrities find it increasingly difficult to keep their lives private and away from the media. Hence, they have started using the social media as their platform for expression which is precisely how we have come to know that celebrities like Beyonce, Adele, Serena Williams and even Dwayne Johnson suffered from depression. It is indeed shocking to know that even celebrities, whom we think of as someone who has it all, also go through this mental illness. In fact, it is probably harder for them since they always have to maintain an image, showing the world a facade of happiness. They keep repressing their emotions, and one day when things get too much, we lose amazing talents like Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. So what goes wrong? Why does a seemingly perfect life have to end suddenly? We are all trying to find the answers here.

 What’s The Purpose Of Our Lives?

Maybe we have been asking the wrong question all the while. We all a pre-conceived notion that having it all might help us attain some amount of stability, inner peace, and happiness. Unfortunately, celebrities who have tons of money in their bank accounts and “have it all” are not always happy with their lives. Despite the outer facade of leading a stupendously successful life, we all have voids. Loneliness can affect anyone, and it really doesn’t choose based on their bank balance or fame. So the purpose of our lives is not to “have it all” but to find that one reason or many reasons that give us some happiness and satisfaction. For each of us, it is a different thing, and none of them are too big or too small. It all depends on our perspective and how we see it.

Why Do We Pretend To Be Happy?

We are living in an age of exhibitionism — The Guardian called it the age of “egonomics”. Yes, it is all about “me”. Our online image and presence are more believable than who we really are in real life. We all put on our masks and pretend to be extremely happy with life even when we are not. We really don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but the picture of a couple on a vacation, holding hands on the beach, tells us that they are very much in love. In reality, it might not be as rosy as it is painted. We often say that we are okay to make the other person feel relieved. Truth is, we are also trying to make ourselves believe it. When we put up a facade of happiness, it creates immense pressure on our minds, fueling our inner demons. Even the best of us can go through a breakdown because of this kind of behavior.

Is The ‘Have It All” A Myth?

We often see wealthy people with success, a fat bank balance, several mansions, and luxury cars, and think that they’re so lucky to have it all. But we forget the fact that they had to go through endless struggles to reach that place. The journey to success is not easy. And we have planted in our minds the misconception that if we are sad or weak, we shouldn’t show it to the world. Hence, the only picture we uphold through social media is that of our happy face. However, we do not need to talk about our sorrows to the whole world. Just a few close people are enough. Or even professional help will do wonders. You don’t have to “have it all” to be happy.

How To Be More Real?

The world of social media can be tricky. Our self -confidence gets boosted by the number of likes we receive, and vice-versa. We love the attention we get and try to hold on to it for as long as we can. In order to do that, we want to be popular, notwithstanding the fact that our mental state probably has a different need at that time. Be real, and put up your real face out there. Not only will it be less taxing on your mental health, but it might also help another individual who’s going through the same situation as you.

Being true to yourself, most especially online, is something we should all do because social media sites are global platforms where hundreds of people interact. Being open about the fact that you’re not okay starts conversations about the importance of mental health, empathy, and a better understanding on what people are going through. So, stop trying to compare yourself to others or feeling the need to appear glamorous and happy all the time online. It’s okay not to be okay.

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