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Don’t Neglect These 5 Signs That Indicate Deteriorating Mental Health

If you are no stranger to bad mental health, then you don’t want to be in that position again. When our physical health gets worse, we can still manage with all the medications and doctor’s advice. But when our mental health deteriorates, it can be even hard to tell our partner. There is always a chance that we might get stigmatized because of it. However, we are really glad that things are changing nowadays. More and more people are coming out with their mental problems and are not afraid to talk about their therapy and counseling too. Our celebrities have a role to play in this, as they showed the path and have begun to ‘normalize’ the stigma around mental health. In this article, we’ll tell you about 5 subtle signs that might be indicating that your mental health is one of a struggle. So, when you know them, you do something about them instead of sitting tight and putting up a facade that everything is fine. You have just one life, after all, wouldn’t want to make the most of it?

Piling Up of Dishes in The Sink

This might be the sign of an extremely lazy person too. But if you are not lazy by nature, and you don’t feel the need to complete your daily chores in time, time to think about your mental health yet again. Several people had shared their experiences of those first few days of deteriorating mental health, saying the piling up of dishes were a lethal sign. If you find this happening often and you don’t want to revisit that dark place deep inside you again, it is time to sit up and take things in your hand. Push yourself to get off the couch and go about your daily tasks. If that doesn’t work, ask for help. Call up friends and family and tell them about your condition, so that they can be close to you and keep motivating you.

Late Showers

Many of us, face this in our lives whether we have had mental problems or not. When we feel depressed or sad, the minimum care we should be taking of our health and hygiene is easily forgotten. People who are depressed often show up looking unkempt, wearing dirty clothes, with bad hair, long nails – that prove that their personal hygiene has gone out of the window. When asked on Twitter, several netizens came up with this answer that late showers or sometimes forgetting to shower at all is a sure shot sign of the fact that everything is not A-okay with you.

Eating Too Much Junk Food

When your mind is elsewhere, and yet you want to do something, what do you do? Eat. Because that’s the easy way out. Also, we eat mindlessly, hence the most easily accessible food is, of course, junk food. Becoming a compulsive eater or trying to hide your mental condition by eating is a very common sign of people who are moving towards depression. Gorging on junk food leads to weight gain. Which is why people suffering from depression often see an increase in weight too as compared to decrease, which happens because of missing meals.

Shopping Online

When you are mentally unstable, you will cling on to whatever makes you happy even if for a few seconds. Online shopping can be highly addictive and can make you feel good instantly. Hence when our mental health is deteriorating, some of us shop a lot online. It might not be even things that you really want, yet buying them makes you feel better, so you keep doing it. Also, since your mind is not in its right state to take a decision you don’t even know when to stop. Hence this can be a sign as well as an issue.

Apart from these signs, it might be normal for you to feel guilty at all times without any reason. Feeling overwhelmed and being grumpy and even being physical pain is quite common. Do not under-estimate these signs, and do whatever you can, if you see this happening with you. If all other methods fail, call your doctor or therapist and ask for a suggestion.


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