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The Most Bizarre And Creepiest Mental Disorders Ever Reported

Schizophrenia, personality disorder, and anxiety disorder are some of the most common mental disorders we are more or less familiar with. But there are some rare mental disorders that most people haven’t even heard of. Some of these mental disorders are borderline bizarre, and some of these diseases are so unusual that you won’t even believe that they actually exist. Here’s a list of top weird mental disorders that are rare as well.

Landau-Kleffner Syndrome

Landau-Kleffner Syndrome is a rather odd mental disorder. Generally, children aged between five and seven suffer from this disorder, and they completely lose the acquired ability to understand the language or to express themselves. People with Landau-Kleffner Syndrome also experience seizures, and scientists are still trying to figure out the causal factors behind this particular disorder. It’s actually bizarre because kids usually acquire language skills as they grow up, and one fine morning, they lose their skills. Speech therapies are used for treating the disorder, but that’s not up to scratch.


Aboulomania is a very little known disorder in which the patient demonstrates pathological indecisiveness. Those who suffer from this disease are pretty normal both mentally and physically except when they are given certain choices, they reach a certain level of anxiety from where they cannot bounce back to normalcy. The sufferers usually face insurmountable difficulties in their daily life, and they cannot even perform simple tasks. People who suffer from this condition even cannot decide whether to shut the front door or whether to go to bed. Most sufferers report that they are physically fine, but their sheer lack of willpower puts them into an invisible cage.

Mary Hart Syndrome

You wanted to see ‘bizarre’, and here you go. There have been multiple cases of people hearing the voice of TV personality Mary Hart and experiencing seizures! A neurologist who studied the cases of epileptic seizures induced by Mary Hart’s voice said that the sufferers really fell into a seizure when they heard Mary Hart’s voice. Other symptoms include digestive disorders, mental confusion, and pressure in the head. However, this particular disorder only occurred in those who experienced seizures due to other reasons.

Caffeine-Induced Mental Disorder

Caffeine consumption is commonly linked to a number of health benefits, but it can also induce severe anxiety. Researchers have found that caffeine stimulates the fight-or-flight response and have suggested that this might trigger a severe anxiety disorder. People who are already suffering from anxiety disorder are more susceptible to this condition than anyone else. If you drink too many cups of coffee every day, and you have been suffering from an anxiety disorder for a while now, it might make the situation worse for you.


Boanthropy is a rather weird mental disorder which leads a person to believe that he is a bovine animal. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon used to suffer from this condition, and there is written evidence that he even ate grass and was driven from his men. Psychologists say that the delusional disorder starts like a dream, and gradually, the affected person starts to believe that he is a cow or ox even when he is wide awake. Slowly, it develops into a full-blown mental delusion. The condition might be caused by hypnotism as well.


This is perhaps the weirdest of all mental disorders. Autophagia is a bizarre and dangerous mental disorder which leads a person to eat himself by impulsive chewing and biting. This is a type of impulse control disorder and the rarest of rare mental disorders. It may seem like something that came out of a movie, but a number of cases of self-eating have been reported in the past.

Alien Hand Syndrome

This syndrome might seem a cool one, but for the person who suffers from it, it’s more than just frustrating. Imagine your hand having a mind of its own, and it’s not under your control. It grabs things, responds to pains, and moves around, but your brain cannot control your hand. As you can assume, this syndrome can be extremely frustrating for the sufferers who start to think that their hand is a completely separate entity.

It’s important that you see a psychiatrist whenever you start experiencing some disorder. Many of us fail to recognize that we are actually suffering from a mental disorder, and that’s when the problem takes a turn for the worse.

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