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Art Therapy: How Dance, Drawing and Music Promote Healing

Human language is limited to the symbols, letters and words which are used to convey a limited number of ideas and emotions. This, however, is not the only way that a human being can communicate. A human can get a message across without uttering a single word and this is where art, dance and other creative approaches come into play.

Most of the time, those thoughts that are conveyed creatively reach too deep that words can no longer express them in full. Fortunately, one can express himself in an infinite number of ways and this can be used to help one in his or her well-being. Here are some things you should know about art therapy.

What is Art Therapy?

While some would see therapists or other would have alternative ways of dealing with depression, art therapy addresses depression through one’s expression. Through this, they use the creative process of making art so that a person’s physical, emotional and mental well-being may be addressed.

Expressing yourself in a creative process can be very effective in helping you solve issues as well as develop and manage your behavior and feelings. This approach has also been proven to effectively manage stress, improve self esteem and self awareness.

Music and Dance to Combat Depression

One can also try music therapy, where listening to certain forms of music is prescribed to induce positive changes in the cognitive, psychological, physical and social functioning as an individual. You can also go ahead and try dance therapy which is based on the philosophy that your body and mind are very intimately interrelated. Thus, when you move, you manage your thoughts better.

There are other forms of creative therapy such as drama therapy, poetry therapy, sand play therapy and other integrated approaches. When it comes to battling depression and a host of other mental condition, there are an infinite number of effective approaches which one can choose from.

Is Art Therapy for Everyone?

Art therapy has been devised for almost everyone to benefit from. We live in a world where there is a myriad of ways for one to communicate and express oneself. One big difference between art therapy and other forms of such is that while other use words or language as a means of communication, there are some situations where language and signs are not enough to express everything.

Through art, music, dance and other forms of therapy, there are limitless bounds to how a person can express himself. Whether it be through sculpture, painting, drawing or photography, there are a lot of visual ways which give an infinite limit to expressing oneself.

How Can an Art Therapist Help You?

An art therapist is competitively trained in several disciplines. They have studied and trained in art as well as in psychology, human development and they too have Master’s Degrees. Getting a license as an art therapist is not easy as one has to go through several requirements and certifications in order to become one.

This only means that they are masters of using art, dance or music as an instrument to address your mental condition. These therapists can work with people of all races, genders, creed and so on. They are also trained to pick up cues from your outputs through your art which you cannot express through words.

The Most Beautiful Form of Therapy

For all we know, some of the most beautiful pieces of art, the most beautiful songs and whatever it is that makes life worth living were a result of strong emotions. These are the end products of people expressing strong emotions. This only means that some of the most beautiful things humanity has ever seen are the result of someone being once torn.

Art provides people with an escape from being trapped in the past or whatever it is that is keeping them from being free deep inside. Expressing oneself through art can help a person through an infinite number of ways

. Even if you do not really need serious help, getting into art, dance, music and poetry can have lots of wonderful effects in your life. This approach to getting well is getting more popular by the minute so do not be afraid to be bold, creative and give this a try. What do you think of this approach? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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