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Anxiety And Depression Are NOT The End Of The Road. Here’s Why…

Did you ever feel that you were in a point in your life wherein you felt so lost and lonely that you thought your world was crashing down already? Maybe there were times you questioned why some things had to happen to you. A lot of our doubts and fears in life are driven by Anxiety and Depression but even if we have to deal with these demons in our everyday lives, it does not necessarily mean that there is nothing we can do to get our life back on track.

Fifty-percent of those who have Anxiety are also diagnosed with Depression


You might think that you are the only one having the burden of living with anxiety but it is a fact that the said disorder is already present to millions of people. Anxiety has the ability to make us constantly expect the worst case scenarios in every given situation. It is the excessive worrying that can break us from the inside. Your thoughts will be the biggest obstacle that will hinder you from getting to accomplish different things.

Even though Anxiety can be easely treated, less than fifty-percent of those who have it undergo treatment

There are different types of anxiety that may need some medical assistance, but, some cases are still curable with the right lifestyle changes. Eating healthy and exercising can do great wonders with controlling your anxiety. These will improve your overall mood and eliminate stress hormones. Different studies also claim that Magnesium can be of help when dealing with anxiety.


If having anxiety is full of “what if’s”, having depression is like being sucked into a black hole of hopelessness and living with uncontrollable sadness 24/7. People who have depression seem like they have given up on life already because they have zero motivation to do anything.  Depression can be triggered by a very sad or heartbreaking event in your life but do not get us wrong, depression is more than just feeling sad. When you are depressed, there are major changes that are happening within your brain chemistry.

Studies say that women are twice as likely to suffer from depression when compared to men

The percentage of women who have depression is higher than the percentage of men because women are greatly affected by their fluctuating hormones. Women tend to become more emotional when it comes to difficult times while a lot of men tend to put up a “tough exterior”.

While there are a lot of anti-depressants and kinds of therapies one can take for the disorder, there are still natural ways you can follow to overcome it. Aside from a healthy lifestyle, focusing on personal enjoyment is the key to achieving genuine happiness. Treating yourself to some luxuries in life and trying out new things can help improve your overall mood and perspective.

Overcoming The Demons

We should understand that our mental health is very important and that it is something we should devote time and effort to. Almost a million people decide to take their own lives each year because they just ca no longer handle what is being thrown at them. Depression and anxiety can start at any age, that is why being aware of its indicators and side effects is very important.

We should not be ashamed of having poor mental health because this will only break us in the long run. One common reason why our mental health issues can get severe is the lack of communication. Never rob yourself of the ability to get help because you never know when one’s words can make a big impact in your life.

Talking to a therapist is one of the most common and helpful ways to overcome depression and anxiety

A lot of people make the wrong choice of involving themselves in an alcohol addiction or substance abuse to ease whatever sorrows they are going through. These are NEVER the answers to your problems and these will just push you into deeper darkness.

Studies show that teens who grow up with anxiety and depression are more likely to engage in an alcohol or drug addiction

Yes, depression and anxiety can be a tough battle, but this doesn’t mean that it is impossible to rise above it. Your journey to recovery has to start somewhere so don’t be in a rush. Trust in the process and never forget to believe in yourself. Always remember that you are LOVED and that you are APPRECIATED.

In times wherein you feel all alone with no one to talk to, you can try seeking help by calling different suicide hotlines.

Do you think Depression and Anxiety can Be 100% cured?

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