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5 Daily Morning Habits To Help Boost Your Mental Health

Our minds need a break every once in a while and, apart from de-stressing, mental exercises can play a huge role in keeping us sane. We might not be able to afford the time to take vacations, but we can always pause a bit before we start every day to reflect and meditate. Even just 5 minutes of alone and quiet time can make a big difference. Here are some daily morning habits you can adopt to ensure that you start your day with the right mental state.

Set Small Goals

We have all been introduced to the idea of setting goals since we were young. When you draft your daily plan, you give yourself a path to follow and steps to climb. There is great value in setting small and attainable goals that you can accomplish within the day. Setting goals that are too ambitious and impractical are what often leads to disappointment.

When you identify attainable goals, you make your day more practicable and you will have something to smile about at the end of the day. This can work wonders for your mental health. You will get that feeling of satisfaction and inspiration from the beginning until your day ends.

Relax and Meditate

If you find that you are starting your days feeling anxious, meditating is perfect for you. Calm your thoughts first, close your eyes and start to observe your breathing without thinking of anything else. Set your worries and questions aside. When you practice deep breathing and meditation, you will find soon enough that your anxiety is something you can conquer.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Marla Deibler says that deep diaphragmatic breathing is a very powerful tool against anxiety because it activates relaxation in every part of your body. When your flight or fight response is stimulated, it starts to trickle down to the parasympathetic nervous system which can eventually calm you down.

Make a Playlist

There will be those days when nothing like soothing music can purge all the toxicity from your system. While you are feeling cranky and unexcited about your day, try to turn on some music and listen to your favorite songs.

The good effects of listening to music are actually backed by science. Studies have found that listening to tunes can have both mental and physical benefits. It can elevate your mood and even relieve you from depressive symptoms.

Get Moving

Studies have consistently shown that exercise can make you feel better because it stimulates the release of endorphins, which relieve your body of toxic stress and make you feel good. This does not mean that you would have to run a marathon every morning. However, do make sure that you get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes. Not everyone is an athlete, you can take a break from your usual routine to get some exercise.

You can even ramp up the relief provided by exercise when you try to commune with nature. When you jog amongst trees and greens, you alleviate all that strain that you might experience because you are at the same seated job every day. A study has even shown that spending just five minutes with nature can boost your self-esteem and mood.

Face Your Fears

Acknowledging a stressful and tiring day ahead would not feel ideal in the morning, but this can actually be one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself. When you face your own fears from the get-go, you bolster your self-esteem by convincing yourself that your fears will never get the best out of you.

Make it a daily habit of identifying what bothers you and telling yourself that you will be one step ahead. This can be as simple as talking to someone about what scares you and making the resolve to rise above it.

With the right mindset and attitude in the morning, you can set the right tone and mood for the rest of your day. If you’re not a morning person, no sweat. As long as you start off on the right foot, you’ll be fine. Do you have your own morning routine? How has it helped you? Share with us your tips in the comments below.

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