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Dealing With Parental Abuse As A Teen

Do you feel like you don’t ever hear any praise or encouragement from your parents? Does every conversation turn into heated arguments and hurtful words?

Being in this state with your parents is not healthy. If you think your parents are going overboard when disciplining you, you have to carefully look at the situation before jumping to any conclusions. The last thing you want to do is ignite irrepairable damage between you and your parents.

While it might be hard to maintain calm when facing angry parents most of the time, being in control of your emotions can help. It will show your parents that you’re trying your best to listen to them and that you want to be a better son/daughter despite the fact that they are hurtful in their ways.


Remember that your parents don’t always intend to hurt you, but they’re only human. This means they can’t always control their emotions. Their harsh attitude towards you might be caused by a bad day at work or something else that was already stressing them out.

Just remember that whatever their reason may be, no one, not even them especially since they’re your parents, has the right to emotionally, mentally, and physically harm you. Even if you may have done something wrong or if you have made some wrong choices, they don’t have any right to emotionally abuse you or anyone.


Most of the time, when parents are abusive, it’s their own shortcoming. That is because the abuser would always make you feel like everything is your fault and every single thing is because of you.

Remember that your parents, whatever their reason may be, are the ones who chose to abuse you emotionally, so it is not your fault. They just always make you feel guilty about everything. Which is of course not acceptable because your parents should be the one molding you into a good person, the one who should be guiding you to the right path, but then again, what they’re actually doing is that they’re emotionally and mentally destroy you.


There are times that only one parent are being emotionally abusive, if that’s the case, then you should tell the other parent about what’s being done to you especially if that other parent is unaware of your situation. However, if both of your parents are emotionally and mentally abusing you, then it is time to seek help from someone else, like a guidance counselor at your school, or trusted relative like an aunt or an uncle. Just make sure that they’re completely on your side and is not brainwashed by your parents.

If you have a friend who you could trust, then it is best to tell him or her about what exactly is happening inside your household so that whenever you need help he or she would be able to help you in any way and that he or she is aware of what might happen.


This is like the worst case scenario because once you have asked for help, other people would know about your situation and it might be a little too overwhelming for you. However, if you really couldn’t bear the pain anymore, then it is probably for the best.

The one you asked for hope might alert the authorities because of what they’re doing to you. Keep in mind that everything will be fine, your parents chose to do this to you and it is way too far from the right parenting.

Once you’re out of the situation, remember to just be strong and that there nothing to be afraid of since you didn’t do anything wrong. Find support and surround yourself with people who truly care about you. If you want, you can seek help from a therapist to deal with the emotional stress caused by the experience.

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