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The Benefits Of Living with An Extended Family

Living with an extended family is frowned upon by certain cultures but is a practice which is prevalent and popular in Southeast Asia and the Middle East where multiple generations live together under the same roof. Some extended families also include uncles, aunts, and cousins who are living under one roof and enjoying the benefits of living with an extended family.

This practice is quite popular in Southeast Asia where the concept of nuclear families is still to be adopted especially in the rural areas. It may be argued that people are living as an extended family for a variety of reasons which could also include financial and social responsibilities. However, the benefits of living with an extended family cannot be discounted because the practice is certainly beneficial for the entire family. Presently the practice is catching on in Australia and some countries in Europe that are beginning to accept the fact that living as an extended family does have its benefits.

Let us take a look at the benefits of living as an extended family.

Sharing economic responsibilities

One of the major reasons why families are continuing to live as extended families is because it is an affordable option and reduces the family’s burden of having separate households. Adult children move back with their parents even after they begin their careers in an attempt to save money to buy their own property. Healthy grandparents and parents help in taking care of young grandchildren helping their children to avoid the use of babysitters who can put a significant burden on childcare.

Childcare support

Various members of the family act as multi-parents to take the load of working parents and encourages grandparents and the children to spend quality time together while adding value to each other’s lives. The children benefit from the advantage of growing up with multiple family members who also educate them about caring for elderly members of the family. It also helps the grandparents to remain active by keeping watch on the activities of the children and their schoolwork.

Adult care support

Supporting the elderly who may be disabled or sick becomes easier when entire families are living under the same roof. The household can share the responsibility for the care to establish set routines with the family members that need the care and observe any changes to their health situation much earlier than nuclear families.

Building family bonds which are strong

It is common to notice multi-generational families sharing a single home experiencing emotional bonding throughout their generations which are usually not the case when families decide to live separately. The benefit of living with an extended family gives people an opportunity to spend their leisure time together and witness the daily lives of each other.

An appropriate support structure

An extended family household ensures that the adults can share their concerns, and responsibilities with other members of the family such as their parents who generally care for their well-being. This often leads to the formation of a tightly bonded family support structure which causes the reduction of individual stress and promotes happiness within the household.

Culture and traditions

The benefits of living with an extended family also ensure that the culture and traditions followed by the family are not left behind and are continued as they had been doing for generations. The elders within the family do not leave the traditions behind and moreover ensure that their children also learn their culture and traditions as they live with multiple generations of the family.


The benefits of living with an extended family also include companionship which is always available and does not let the elderly feel isolated or lonely when they are alone. There is always someone around to give them companionship and make life easier for them.

Despite the many benefits of living with an extended family young adults for some reason are looking forward to setting up nuclear families and in the conditions which are prevailing on it is quite possible for the concept of the extended family to be extinguished sometime in the future.

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