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Weirdest Celebrity Beauty Therapy Secrets Which You Should NOT Try At Home

Looking flawless and being at their absolute best is a part and parcel of a celebrity’s life. In fact, the greatest stars from tinsel town often avail beauty treatments that are out of the ordinary in order to look young and stunning. Apart from opting for surgical treatments, expensive facials, and high-end serums, many Hollywood A-listers are continuously seeking out alternatives to boost their skin glow and hair growth. Several weird beauty treatments, such as leech therapy, are gaining ground today, thanks to these celebs. Here is a list of some of these treatments you can go through, and don’t blame us if you find yourself trying out one of these:

Washing The Face With Olive Oil

Chloe Grace Moretz loves falling upon olive oil whenever she washes her face. She has been battling with cystic acne for a long time and credits olive oil, apart from a clean diet, for keeping it in check. Cleansing her skin with the oil has accentuated the glow that her skin exudes. According to several dermatologists, food-grade oils, especially the cold-pressed variety, can be used to clean the face. Oils, after heating, lose out on vitamins and antioxidants and are not preferable for any skin treatment. Similarly, canola or vegetable oils are harmful to the skin.

Getting Stung By Bees

You read it right, and Gwyneth Paltrow swears by it. This one is a form of apitherapy and is a practice that has gained prominence over the last thousand years. The process involves being stung with the venom that bees carry in order to cure ailments such as arthritis, scarring, and inflammation. According to a research conducted, though the entire process is quite painful, the results are absolutely incredible. Kudos to Paltrow!

Treating Hair With Food

Salma Hayek is one celebrity who loves treating her hair with food. Mayonnaise and avocado are indispensable ingredients that act as conditioners and can hydrate dry and brittle hair. Though they don’t smell good at all, the outcome of this treatment will surprise you. Another ingredient that nourishes dry hair is egg yolk. By omitting the skin of the yolk and adding a few drops of lemon, you can ward off the stench to an extent, but not completely. Well, are you up for it?

Burning Off The Split Ends

Alessandra Ambrosio takes to candle cutting, better known as Velaterapia, instead of going for usual haircuts. Using a candle flame to burn off split ends, Velaterapia originated in Brazil. Small sections are created by dividing the dry hair, and a flame is run throughout the split pieces. As a result, the damaged hair strands are discarded without having to compromise on the overall hair length. But, experts don’t usually recommend this treatment. They are of the view that Velaterapia can ruin the cuticle and harm your hair by exposing the cortex layer to several external damages.

Mixing Coffee Grinds With Olive Oil

Though we find Halle Barry absolutely stunning and flawless, a homemade body scrub can be attributed to her glowing smooth skin. She blends coffee grinds with olive oil, rubs the mixture on dry skin, and then waits for 10 minutes before washing that off. Coffee contains caffeine which helps in the circulation of blood, giving the skin a smooth texture for everyone to see. According to experts, coffee promotes dilation, and the scrubbing movement aids in circulation, leading the skin to have that plump look. Since coffee is high on antioxidants, production of collagen gets accentuated in the process.

Conditioning The Hair With Beer And Honey

Catherine Zeta-Jones’s glossy hair is her trademark. All you need to do is to go to your kitchen, take some beer and honey, and treat your hair to absolute bliss. The low acidity present in beer helps in tightening hair follicles which promotes greater shine and fuller locks. The alcohol content helps in getting rid of grease and dirt that sticks to your hair, eventually leading to better hair health.

The above treatments might seem weird to you, but these Hollywood celebs have immensely benefited from them. But, before you dive in, do remember to consult an expert and get to know which one would suit your skin type and give you the desired results.

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