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Six Weird Beauty Treatments Celebrities Have Undergone To Look Better

There is a reason why you gush over the glow that many of your favorite celebrities exude. Sustaining that ever-youthful look is not an easy task. You may have come across several strange skincare tips from the celebs, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Starting from applying hemorrhoid cream to undergoing leech facials, the following six beauty treatments that these celebs have gone through are sometimes freaky and sometimes lethal.

Hemorrhoid Cream

A hemorrhoid cream is one product that Hollywood celebs swear by because of its ability to de-puff the under-eye area. Sandra Bullock has shared that hemorrhoid ointment is one of her beauty secrets which helps her get rid of the lines around her eyes. She is not the only Hollywood star though to extract the maximum benefits of the cream as Kim Kardashian has availed the treatment before her. The ointment leaves a purported stench behind, but its utilities are many and results do speak for themselves.

Placenta-Based Beauty Products

If you don’t know what placenta is, it is a large, flat organ that develops in a woman’s uterus during pregnancy. It actually functions as a life support system for the fetus and delivers proper nutrients to the unborn child via the umbilical cord. Some people are of the opinion that by applying placenta-based products, you can discard wrinkles and smooth out your skin, owing to the presence of high collagen levels of placenta. Simon Cowell has undergone the treatment and has been completely satisfied with the results.

Bee Sting Therapy

Warning! This beauty treatment can actually take your life and no matter how many celebs advocate for it, you need to be very careful if you select this therapy. Gwyneth Paltrow is a big-time advocate of this thousand-year-old treatment. According to her, people go through this therapy to discard inflammation and any facial scar. Even though this therapy is painful, the results are absolutely incredible. In spite of Gwyneth’s approval, the practice was, of late, slammed after a lady in Spain reacted negatively to it and died.

Leech Facials

Miranda Kerr, a popular supermodel, revealed that she tries leech facials from time to time. She claims that the therapy is quite adventurous, and it is being practiced all over the world for the last thousand years. Leeches are, in fact, segmented worms that thrive on the blood of the individuals that fall prey to them. They are said to suck out 2 to 20 milliliters of blood over a time period of 10 to 30 minutes. After they completely swell with blood, the leeches spontaneously drop off by themselves. Hirudo cosmetologists or therapists, who have a thorough experience in leech therapy, will derive the blood and pour it back on to the client’s face. This therapy is highly useful in attaining youthful and tighter skin.

Vampire Facial

This is a therapy that is pretty controversial among a bunch of Hollywood celebrities. Five years back, when the popular reality television star, Kim Kardashian posted a selfie of her totally smothered in her own blood and shared it on a public platform, a vampire facial was brought to public notice for the first time. This particular gory therapy utilizes the client’s blood to promote the healthy activity and functionality of their skin cells. Of late, Kim is said to have admitted the painful consequences of the therapy and prefers not to go through it ever again. Think before you leap.

Bird Poop Facial

This is one treatment on which Posh Spice Victoria Beckham is heavily dependent on. This expensive treatment helps her maintain the lambent complexion she is famous for. But rest assured that she doesn’t smear pigeon droppings right on her face. As a matter of fact, nightingale feces are imported from Japan and are used by Japanese Geisha Facials. The poop is generally acquired in its powdered form which is then transformed into a liquid and applied all over the skin as an exfoliating agent to rinse the skin of dust and dirt.

Notwithstanding the fact that the above-mentioned treatments and therapies are weird, these are also quite expensive. But, in case you do decide to go ahead with any one of them, go through the details of how it’s done and what are its consequences. Think twice before you opt for any of the therapies described above.

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