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Lemon Water And Your Health: Five Things You Should Know

Lemon water could be one of the most popular beverages made for detoxifying or losing weight. Besides being more delicious and appetizing than regular water (and even some other beverages) there have been a lot of claims about its health benefits. These claims, however, have been disputed over time. The big question on whether or not lemon water does you any good at all still remains. Here are some things you should know about it.

Where It All Began

Way before celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow swore by the benefits of lemon water as if it was the fountain of youth, the popularity of this drink is associated with a 2008 study from Japan. There, it was found that the lemon’s polyphenols, which are micronutrients with antioxidant properties, were linked to weight loss and better fat metabolism in mice who worked on a diet that was built around fat. The research team concluded that these polyphenols could stimulate the liver to produce enzymes that work to block the absorption of dietary fats.

However, such study had been criticized to be like rocket fuel for those who want to market a product. Many experts still do not believe the study and its association with weight loss is still the subject of debates.

Benefits of Lemon Water

While water does keep you hydrated, there are some benefits that have been associated with drinking lemon-infused water. Lemons are rich in flavanoids, which are plant pigments that have been associated with strong antioxidant properties. These are very good in protecting your cells against damage.

Lemons are also very rich in vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C and potassium. When you are able to deliver the right amounts of potassium to your bloodstream, you lower your risk of developing heart disease and stroke by as much as 27 percent.

The Downside

Experts say that lemon water leaves out what could be the vital part of the lemon when it comes to weight loss — the rind. In the study mentioned earlier, the subject mice wherein a diet that were loaded with rind, not lemon juice. The rind is where most of the polyphenols come from and this is absolutely absent in lemon water. Some lemon water fans might be putting in some rind into their water, but this is not as near as having a diet that is built around it entirely.

Lemon is still a good source of vitamin C and some studies have linked low Vitamin C consumption to obesity. However, this is a far cry from saying that taking in more vitamin C can prevent or reverse weight gain.

How to Drink Lemon Water for Weight Loss

While nobody would agree that the fountain of youth spews lemon water indiscriminately, lemon water could still indirectly aid in weight loss. Swapping your favorite soft drink for lemon water will curb your sugar cravings and will save you from those empty calories.

Also, our body often mistakes thirst for hunger. Because a lot of people find plain water boring or difficult to drink in large quantities, adding some lemon might lead them to consume more of it and stay hydrated. Dehydration has also been shown to slow down metabolism, which can lead to weight gain in the long run.

The Real Deal

Just with everything else promised that would guarantee weight loss in no time, lemon water is no miracle drink. You cannot drink as much as you can and expect to just cleanse yourself after of all the bad stuff. Lemon water can be an aid to weight loss, but it is far from having the miracles that celebrities and some experts claim. To use it to support good health, swap your soda or energy drink for it. This can save you from loads of sugar and empty calories that can make you gain weight and feel sluggish.

There is no doubt that lemons are good for you, but lemon-infused water is a different story. In the end, we still have to eat healthily and exercise to lose weight. What do you think of lemon water? Share with us your thoughts in the comments below.

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